News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Family of four 'need £36k for decent standard of living' 2 guardian
'Hostage siege' at Paris school 0 bbc
DR Congo warlord Thomas Lubanga sentenced to 14 years 0 bbc
Hall's of Broxburn closure: Council 'committed' to saving jobs 0 bbc
Ehud Olmert convicted in corruption case 1 guardian
Marks & Spencer head of non-food to leave after UK sales fall 1 guardian
Egypt military 'warns' President Mursi over parliament 5 bbc
The dream of South Sudan is fading fast – I cannot yet return 0 guardian
New Zealand Herald goes tabloid 0 guardian
Journalistic death toll in Syria reaches 33 0 guardian
Clacton shooting: police hunt suspect over death of off-duty officer 0 guardian
Families need £36,800 to live acceptably, study says 4 bbc
Minister resignation call over NHS 'dodgy dossier' claim 2 bbc
Eddie Maher: Suffolk £1m theft suspect deported from US 1 bbc
Gwent, Margam and Bangor cremation delays to cut mercury emissions 0 bbc
Green food report favours home-grown curry 0 bbc