News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Rain storms cause flash flooding 7 bbc
Military Medal taken by burglars 2 bbc
Mandela mourns icon Miriam Makeba 3 bbc
Obituary: Miriam 'Mama Africa' Makeba 2 bbc
Club fines 'handcuff' footballer 0 bbc
Strictly 'world's most watched' 0 bbc
Israel seeks Gaza truce extension 1 bbc
Obituary: Miriam 'Mama Africa' Makeba 1 bbc
Wilson 'had Alzheimer's when PM' 2 bbc
Serbs hunt Mladic in factory raid 5 bbc
Papers to pay damages to Miller 0 bbc
House prices down 2.2% in October 2 bbc
MPs call for pub happy hours ban 7 bbc
Arrested Qatada to face hearing 2 bbc
Kitesurfer clinches world title 2 bbc
Bombings raise spectre of al-Qaeda 1 bbc