News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Scout leader dies on Alpine trip 3 bbc
Body left unattended in hospital 7 bbc
Goody 'will appear in Indian BB' 1 bbc
Head of Roman empress unearthed 0 bbc
Budget shoppers boosting Wal-Mart 0 bbc
Sterling losses gather momentum 3 bbc
Woman died from multiple stabbing 2 bbc
Lord Bruce-Lockhart dies aged 66 2 bbc
Mugabe rival 'barred from travel' 3 bbc
Mugabe rival 'needs to reflect' 5 bbc
New graffiti art on city pub wall 5 bbc
Sterling losses gather momentum 2 bbc
China defends pre-Games promises 5 bbc
All because the lady loves a foreign accent 5 bbc
US inflation fastest since 1991 1 bbc
MDC backs power-sharing dialogue 1 bbc