News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Which class is John Prescott? 1 bbc
House prices 'to recover by 2013' 2 bbc
Departed Redknapp accepts honour 0 bbc
Mideast press ponders Israel vote 0 bbc
Niger ex-slave wins landmark case 7 bbc
Can new beers prevent trouble brewing? 1 bbc
Protesters attack UN Congo office 0 bbc
Recession fears hit Asian markets 11 bbc
Global shares continue to slide 8 bbc
Jab hope for rheumatoid arthritis 2 bbc
Two years for PSNI overtime fraud 0 bbc
Cancer plan aims to reduce deaths 0 bbc
Bakery chain closes six stores 0 bbc
US suffers losses in Afghanistan 0 bbc
All the lonely people 0 bbc
'Metric martyr' launches appeal 1 bbc