News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Israeli 'killed in Gaza clashes' 1 bbc
Musharraf seeks Indian PM talks 0 bbc
Dhaka clash outside PM's office 0 bbc
Police probe 'pony doping' claims 0 bbc
Four guilty of 1993 Mumbai bombs 2 bbc
'Attack' on US embassy in Syria 0 bbc
Israeli 'killed in Gaza clashes' 0 bbc
Children evacuate blazing school 8 bbc
Wars 'robbing youths of school' 2 bbc
'Attack' on US embassy in Syria 4 bbc
US warns N Korea on nuclear test 1 bbc
Four guilty in 1993 Mumbai bombs 1 bbc
Japan royal baby named Hisahito 2 bbc
Nationwide and Portman to merge 5 bbc
Blasts heard at US Syria embassy 3 bbc
Bush urges Americans to back war 5 bbc