News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Chlamydia check benefits doubted 0 bbc
Warning over surgery kit cleaning 0 bbc
Commercials 'killing childhood' 0 bbc
Safeguards for tenants' deposits 0 bbc
Youth bailed over sisters' deaths 0 bbc
Climate warning for Scots farmers 0 bbc
'No chance' for Glasgow 2014 bid 0 bbc
Health secretary in Muslim GP row 1 bbc
UK and US unions in merger talks 0 bbc
Man questioned over boy's murder 0 bbc
10,000 passports go to fraudsters 12 bbc
Rate decision seen as close call 2 bbc
BBC users urge reporter's release 5 bbc
Warming 'already changing world' 2 bbc
Freed crew 'delighted to be home' 4 bbc
Warming 'already changing world' 1 bbc