News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Obama exempts CIA 'torture' staff 4 bbc
Obama exempts CIA 'torture' staff 3 bbc
Deadly quakes strike Afghanistan 5 bbc
Festival axed over safety fears 0 bbc
Bid to end Channel strike chaos 0 bbc
Man held after city 'hate crime' 1 bbc
Aid for Pakistan in terror fight 1 bbc
US envoy to hold talks with Abbas 1 bbc
Palestinian 'knife man' shot dead 0 bbc
Prosecution starts Mumbai trial 0 bbc
Quiz of the week's news 0 bbc
'Tornado' damages city home roofs 0 bbc
Green affair leaves questions open 2 bbc
Germans protest over pig patent 1 bbc
NHS to publish death rates on web 1 bbc
Arrested MP 'told he faced life' 4 bbc