News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man charged over girl's stabbing 0 bbc
Author Tremain wins Orange prize 0 bbc
Slovenia nuclear alert after leak 0 bbc
Trapped teenager dies in flooding 13 bbc
Obama pledges support for Israel 8 bbc
WI in prison mental health call 0 bbc
Four Gaza students get US visas 0 bbc
Fishermen clash with police at EU 3 bbc
Oil dips to $121 as reserves grow 1 bbc
Clouds caused Hislop death crash 0 bbc
Inquiry call after C. diff deaths 4 bbc
UN increases food aid by $1.2bn 3 bbc
Obama pledges support for Israel 7 bbc
Flood threat to Iraq Shia shrines 0 bbc
Stem cells 'halt nerve disease' 0 bbc
Tsvangirai detained in Zimbabwe 7 bbc