News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Net card fraud 'underestimated' 11 bbc
Pressure on industry in fuel row 0 bbc
Tata Consultancy shares sell-off 1 bbc
Summit aims to ease fuel poverty 3 bbc
21 July plotters lose appeal bid 3 bbc
Family food shop up '£15 a week' 2 bbc
20 year term for 'macabre' murder 2 bbc
Net card fraud 'underestimated' 10 bbc
Brown defends 'U-turn' on 10p tax 10 bbc
UK 'would back Zimbabwe embargo' 2 bbc
OAP 'neglected' by nursing staff 1 bbc
Mugabe's party wins first recount 14 bbc
Shell to shed 180 Aberdeen jobs 4 bbc
Baghdad clashes 'kill 15 gunmen' 1 bbc
Shell to shed 180 Aberdeen jobs 3 bbc
Mother had 'ligature' around neck 5 bbc