News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Israel 'must halt' Jerusalem dig 0 bbc
Uganda rebels 'to rejoin talks' 0 bbc
French gay marriage fight goes on 0 bbc
'Five die' in Afghan bomb attack 0 bbc
Nepal Maoists in damage control 0 bbc
So are pandas saved now? 0 bbc
NI card fraud down 12% last year 0 bbc
Fresh criticism over BAE inquiry 0 bbc
Nine hurt in asylum centre riot 2 bbc
Nuclear weapons 'essential to UK' 3 bbc
Trident vote 'essential for UK' 2 bbc
Lords expected to oppose reforms 2 bbc
Nine hurt in asylum centre riot 1 bbc
Blue Peter sorry for fake contest 3 bbc
Avengers actor Gareth Hunt dies 2 bbc
Disabled student wins 'lift' case 2 bbc