News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Downing Street knifeman arrested 1 bbc
Gambling firms see shares plunge 7 bbc
Downing Street intruder arrested 0 bbc
How green is a dishwasher? 0 bbc
Father dealt in drugs to help son 0 bbc
Abducted father safety concerns 0 bbc
Apology over binned bomb evidence 0 bbc
Rice embarks on new Mid-East tour 1 bbc
Officers hurt in youth jail riot 7 bbc
Evacuations to remove live mine 2 bbc
Hungary PM calls confidence vote 1 bbc
Man murdered in row with youths 2 bbc
Cameron facing tax cuts demands 6 bbc
Elephant tramples Briton to death 1 bbc
Musharraf nuclear claims attacked 1 bbc
Gunmen abduct 14 in Iraqi capital 0 bbc