News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Independent eyes ex-mining town 2 bbc
Obama plays more golf than Bush 15 bbc
Domingo to perform at the Proms 0 bbc
MSPs to vote on 'dog Asbo' bill 0 bbc
Threat to 234 jobs at food plant 5 bbc
Obama plays more golf than Bush 14 bbc
Independent eyes ex-mining town 1 bbc
TV debate: nine things to watch 32 bbc
US Navy Seal cleared over attack 0 bbc
NI Green Party in new jobs pledge 0 bbc
African viewpoint: House of Stone at 30 8 bbc
Fonseka in S Lanka 'freedom' call 2 bbc
Ash cloud affects islands flights 3 bbc
Armenia halts deal on Turkey ties 1 bbc
Row grows over air shutdown costs 12 bbc
Mystery rocket explodes in Jordan 2 bbc