News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Officer dragged by car along road 0 bbc
Pilot tells of Heathrow ordeal 0 bbc
Shifts 'threaten women's health' 0 bbc
New Zealand Maori poet dies at 86 1 bbc
UK set for 15% renewables target 1 bbc
Israel closes crossings with Gaza 7 bbc
Call for ban on catchment areas 1 bbc
Ethiopia holds 'many Westerners' 1 bbc
People 'let down' by Network Rail 3 bbc
Experts probe Heathrow air crash 20 bbc
Thirteen die in Iraq cult clashes 3 bbc
Kenya protesters to mount boycott 10 bbc
People 'let down' by Network Rail 2 bbc
Weak retail sales over Christmas 6 bbc
Murder accused 'wonderful' - son 0 bbc
Terror charge dropped against men 0 bbc