News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man Utd player in hotel rape quiz 3 bbc
Guantanamo three returning to UK 0 bbc
EADS sells six Airbus factories 0 bbc
Labour MP's fury at Blears' plans 1 bbc
Top Pakistani artist 'murdered' 1 bbc
Lee claims S Korea election win 12 bbc
Putin named 'Person of the Year' 0 bbc
Slim or die man loses 39-stones 0 bbc
Zuma's supporters celebrate win 1 bbc
UN peace missions in fraud probe 1 bbc
Firefighters hurt in farm blaze 2 bbc
Lee claims S Korea election win 11 bbc
Nationalising Rock not ruled out 1 bbc
Clegg 'does not believe in God' 2 bbc
Thai warrant for porn charge man 1 bbc
EU proposes CO2 fine on carmakers 1 bbc