News Article Title Version Source Discovered
PM defends foreign intervention 5 bbc
Mystery over head injuries man 0 bbc
'Stolen' Aborigine apology demand 7 bbc
Mortgage approvals hit year low 1 bbc
Quartet urges BBC man's release 0 bbc
Hepburn dress sells for $192,000 0 bbc
Key farm income decision unveiled 1 bbc
Blair urges African intervention 4 bbc
Hunt after hit-and-run girl dies 3 bbc
Latvia elects doctor as president 0 bbc
Apple TV to show YouTube content 0 bbc
US official in nuclear deal talks 2 bbc
Ukraine election debate extended 0 bbc
Lindsay website gets 7,000 hits 0 bbc
UK 'behind Litvinenko poisoning' 6 bbc
Mortgage lending dips to year low 0 bbc