News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Gunman steals 'substantial sum' 0 bbc
Obama diary: The first 100 days 9 bbc
Tube boss O'Toole to step down 0 bbc
EastEnders hails black landmark 0 bbc
Residents face night out of homes 3 bbc
Upbeat Obama to address Congress 2 bbc
Zimbabwe teachers to end strike 0 bbc
US and Japan make economy pledge 5 bbc
Upbeat Obama to address Congress 1 bbc
Guantanamo ex-prisoner detained 0 bbc
Wall Street bounces back from low 0 bbc
Nazi row bishop leaves Argentina 4 bbc
Row grows over Royal Mail plans 18 bbc
DNA identifies Peruvian victims 0 bbc
US president to address Congress 0 bbc
Plan to keep fares rising denied 0 bbc