News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man suffers head injury in attack 0 bbc
'Murder attempt' teacher remanded 2 bbc
Obama makes historic Ghana visit 2 bbc
Obama makes historic Ghana visit 1 bbc
Iran to offer West 'new package' 0 bbc
Virus cruise makes refund pledge 0 bbc
Cut Heathrow 'stacking', say MPs 21 bbc
Troops 'fighting for UK's future' 3 bbc
'Murder attempt' teacher remanded 1 bbc
'Level with public' on cuts vow 1 bbc
'Murder attempt' teacher in court 0 bbc
Obama on first sub-Saharan trip 0 bbc
Police injured in disturbance 0 bbc
Herschel shows breadth of vision 3 bbc
Roads closed after bomb alerts 5 bbc
BBC presenter Ball is pregnant 2 bbc