News Article Title Version Source Discovered
N Korea tops Moscow talks agenda 0 bbc
Putin firm on EU energy charter 16 bbc
Thief snatches £265,000 rucksack 1 bbc
Inmates arrive in police cells 5 bbc
Aberfan memory fresh 40 years on 0 bbc
Putin confident on EU energy pact 15 bbc
Royal row over Russian bear fate 1 bbc
Inmates arrive in police cells 4 bbc
School expels five-year-old girl 0 bbc
Teenager snatched by van driver 0 bbc
Abortion ban closer in Nicaragua 0 bbc
Police vehicle involved in crash 1 bbc
Injured cell man 'may have lived' 1 bbc
Expel UN envoy, Sudan army says 5 bbc
Fury over paedophile at child gym 2 bbc
Berdych powers to Nadal victory 0 bbc