News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Hunt for baby missing with father 0 bbc
Two freed US reporters head home 10 bbc
Lloyds blames HBOS for £4bn loss 9 bbc
Extras queue for Sex sequel roles 0 bbc
'Patients want clear advice' 1 bbc
Paula Abdul quits American Idol 0 bbc
Night on roof for sit-in support 0 bbc
Speaker 'orders £20,000 refurb' 0 bbc
GPs fear illness could be missed 0 bbc
Minister visits Lockerbie bomber 1 bbc
Urban dwellers 'should keep bees' 1 bbc
Offshore safety figures defended 1 bbc
How the euro crept into Britain 1 bbc
Exam results show improved grades 4 bbc
Court outburst over Sydney 'plot' 3 bbc
How vital were Cold War spies? 0 bbc