News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Deutsche Post cuts 9,500 DHL jobs 0 bbc
Trial hears of Vicky purse find 0 bbc
Health chiefs admit birth errors 0 bbc
Stocks surge after China stimulus 4 bbc
Mandela mourns icon Miriam Makeba 1 bbc
The whitewashing of Stalin 4 bbc
Italian nuns kidnapped in Kenya 1 bbc
Can an alcoholic have an occasional drink? 1 bbc
Gaza shut to fuel and journalists 1 bbc
African troops to back Congo army 3 bbc
No charges for former NY governor 1 bbc
Postal staff evacuated after fire 7 bbc
Russia investigates sub disaster 3 bbc
Hoodie ban for Asbo youth upheld 0 bbc
Fannie Mae loss widens to $29bn 0 bbc
Russia investigates sub disaster 2 bbc