News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Egypt forbids female circumcision 0 bbc
Team claims synthetic life feat 0 bbc
Iran bans negative petrol stories 0 bbc
Main Gaza goods crossing reopened 0 bbc
DNA traces origin of domestic cat 0 bbc
Israel model for Iraq, says Bush 0 bbc
Mideast press mulls Blair Quartet role 0 bbc
Charity attacks rush for biofuels 0 bbc
Chavez vows to deepen Russia ties 0 bbc
US holds rare meeting with Burma 0 bbc
'Bullet-headache' man's wife held 0 bbc
White House firm on prosecutors 0 bbc
Flood-hit Texas expects more rain 0 bbc
Pill to make dieters 'feel full' 1 bbc
Benefit fraudster caught on CCTV 1 bbc
Minister suspended at probe start 1 bbc