News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Child dies after being hit by bus 0 bbc
Governments may publish own plans 5 bbc
Sixteen wounded in Afghan blasts 2 bbc
Fife teacher and pupil suspended 5 bbc
Sri Lanka clashes kill 129 troops 4 bbc
Gunmen kill 11 in Baghdad TV raid 5 bbc
EU takes UK to court over dairy 1 bbc
Half of NHS trusts 'must improve' 9 bbc
Card sharps 6 bbc
Chavez 'ready to defend Bolivia' 0 bbc
Military 'need more health staff' 0 bbc
Murder trial told of alibi plea 0 bbc
Who are you calling fat? 4 bbc
Al Gore picks up literary prize 1 bbc
Guantanamo unacceptable - Beckett 1 bbc
Flintoff fires in England victory 14 bbc