News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Oil and gas plans hit by dolphins 0 bbc
Bush 'loses patience' with Syria 0 bbc
BSkyB 'should sell shares in ITV' 7 bbc
Cameron targets 'green coal' goal 3 bbc
Kyrgyz opposition wins no seats 1 bbc
Clegg reveals his frontbench team 5 bbc
Missing tug men search called off 33 bbc
Picasso stolen from Brazil museum 3 bbc
Salmond attack on Trump critics 3 bbc
Man not guilty of Omagh murders 5 bbc
Deadly explosions rock Freetown 6 bbc
Gaza gunmen killed in Israel raid 2 bbc
India and China launch war games 3 bbc
Ceremony marks extended EU border 1 bbc
Row breaks out over doctor hours 2 bbc
'Enough evidence' to charge Zuma 13 bbc