News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Figures reveal pothole pay-outs 0 bbc
Monks disrupt Tibet media visit 0 bbc
Fumes 'leaking into plane cabins' 0 bbc
Protection for elderly from abuse 1 bbc
Protection for elderly from abuse 0 bbc
PM and Sarkozy hold nuclear talks 0 bbc
Kidnap case failings 'continue' 1 bbc
Kidnap case failings 'continue' 0 bbc
N Korea expels S Korean managers 0 bbc
Police budgets set to be capped 0 bbc
Colombia blames rebels for raids 0 bbc
Endeavour touches down in Florida 2 bbc
Review 'to change games ratings' 1 bbc
China 'fireworks' blast kills 22 0 bbc
French serial killer trial starts 1 bbc
Review 'to shake-up video games' 0 bbc