News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Plastic bag ban wins popular vote 0 bbc
Internet bid to help cut suicides 0 bbc
Racecourse launch at ex-mine site 0 bbc
Police plea on genital mutilation 2 bbc
Third exhumation in deaths probe 2 bbc
Train bombs anniversary in India 0 bbc
Motorcyclist killed in M25 crash 1 bbc
Girls under 16 'should not model' 1 bbc
Gujarat placed on flood red alert 1 bbc
Downing St rebuffs terror threat 0 bbc
Third exhumation in deaths probe 1 bbc
Buenos Aires sees rare snowfall 1 bbc
Low testosterone may risk heart 1 bbc
Red Mosque offensive 'nears end' 2 bbc
UN team set to return to N Korea 0 bbc
Charity warns of child sex abuse 0 bbc