News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Terror suspects remain in custody 1 bbc
'Drastic' shrinkage in Arctic ice 2 bbc
UK withholds World Bank donation 1 bbc
Israel army contests Hamas ruling 2 bbc
Reservoir 'biggest in 25 years' 5 bbc
Norwich Union cuts 4,000 UK jobs 8 bbc
Alcohol education 'not working' 9 bbc
Alcohol education 'not working' 5 bbc
Mother 'poisoned' boy with salt 1 bbc
Schoolgirl fight video is removed 5 bbc
Airbus A380 'may face new delays' 0 bbc
Out in the cold 0 bbc
Rethink on school language study 0 bbc
Mother 'poisoned' boy with salt 0 bbc
Bursary call for student nurses 1 bbc
Insurer axes 450 jobs in Scotland 2 bbc