News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man charged over police stabbing 4 bbc
Italian PM survives Senate vote 5 bbc
Dow gain bucks global stock slide 3 bbc
Advanced geometry of Islamic art 2 bbc
Apology for football fans' delays 8 bbc
EU to cut troop numbers in Bosnia 0 bbc
Dow gain bucks global stock slide 2 bbc
HK public to send poll questions 1 bbc
UN powers end Iran nuclear talks 3 bbc
Collapsed culvert disrupts trains 1 bbc
SMG and Ulster TV talks shelved 1 bbc
Italian PM wins key Senate vote 4 bbc
Parties hit by more resignations 1 bbc
Tories unveil border police plans 1 bbc
Murder accused 'found love texts' 1 bbc
MoD names soldier killed in Iraq 0 bbc