News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Breast milk 'does not boost IQ' 0 bbc
NHS-speak 'demeaning to patients' 0 bbc
Church schools in 'inclusive' vow 1 bbc
Badger cull 'low priority' for TB 1 bbc
Over-70s do not seek breast scans 1 bbc
US 'offered Guantanamo men to UK' 2 bbc
N Korea warned over nuclear test 5 bbc
Oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria 1 bbc
UK 'turned down Guantanamo offer' 0 bbc
Yarl's Wood 'failing' detainees 0 bbc
Dow Jones closes at record high 1 bbc
Oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria 0 bbc
IRA 'changed radically', says IMC 0 bbc
Spain thanks UK for advice on Eta 1 bbc
Live TV birth branded 'intrusive' 4 bbc
Striker Sutton joins Aston Villa 1 bbc