News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Train drivers strike called off 2 bbc
Crime wave defeats Liberia police 0 bbc
Ivorian cabinet quits over waste 7 bbc
Couple win court fight over villa 7 bbc
Blair 'to hand over power in May' 2 bbc
Train drivers strike called off 1 bbc
UK house prices climb in August 2 bbc
Media spotlight turns on Brown 1 bbc
Arrests made over Sudan beheading 1 bbc
Will there be 99p flights to New York? 0 bbc
School Games off starting blocks 0 bbc
Afghan force 'needs more troops' 3 bbc
India mine blast 'traps dozens' 4 bbc
Inquiry into Legionnaires' cases 2 bbc
Diana inquest to be held in 2007 0 bbc
Snowdon cafe to use Welsh granite 1 bbc