News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Taylor trial set for next April 0 bbc
Row over Belarus girl escalates 0 bbc
Norway foils 'embassy bomb plot' 0 bbc
Power being restored after storms 0 bbc
Dying teenager 'had throat cut' 0 bbc
Arrests after Nigerian violence 1 bbc
Mosquitoes' sweet tooth targeted 2 bbc
Somali Islamists stage execution 4 bbc
Kabila gains key run-off support 2 bbc
German monorail accident kills 15 11 bbc
Plaid leader urges radical agenda 3 bbc
Plaid leader urges radical agenda 2 bbc
Major calls RAF support 'useless' 2 bbc
Bush 'unaware' of Pakistan threat 0 bbc
Pope statement fails to end anger 4 bbc
Gambia votes in presidential poll 5 bbc