News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Kennedy given ovation on return 2 bbc
Thailand calls state of emergency 0 bbc
Met not guilty plea over Menezes 3 bbc
Websites 'may hurt credit scores' 2 bbc
Kennedy returns to the spotlight 1 bbc
Breathing space 1 bbc
Websites 'may hurt credit scores' 1 bbc
Tight security after Somali blast 2 bbc
Extended schools 'aid community' 3 bbc
Rights group accuses Jordan 1 bbc
Boy loses arm in mincer accident 1 bbc
British soldier admits war crime 3 bbc
New head of British Gas appointed 0 bbc
Suicide victim 'had killed child' 0 bbc
Drivers 'spend work day in car' 2 bbc
How infallible is the Pope? 3 bbc