News Article Title Version Source Discovered
England's warming 'not natural' 2 bbc
Tight security after Somali blast 0 bbc
Reid signals curb on EU migrants 1 bbc
Teenager shot in face at school 0 bbc
Ballot shows unity, says Cameron 4 bbc
Toshiba recalls 340,000 batteries 2 bbc
England's warming 'not natural' 1 bbc
How infallible is the Pope? 2 bbc
Ballot shows unity, says Cameron 3 bbc
Welsh smoking ban starts in April 4 bbc
Bread, net disasters hit Zimbabwe 3 bbc
Trident protesters reach Holyrood 3 bbc
PM's warning to Hungary rioters 6 bbc
Websites 'may hurt credit scores' 0 bbc
Sir Menzies wins crunch tax vote 11 bbc
College strike for teacher parity 1 bbc