News Article Title Version Source Discovered
What does the spending review mean for science and innovation? 6 guardian
South Australian premier says bushfire toll may rise after two confirmed dead 1 guardian
Obama gives thanks to daughters for indulging his antics at turkey pardon 1 guardian
Frank Gifford: NFL legend had brain trauma at death 0 bbc
Documents reveal extent of sex abuse allegations against Minnesota priests 0 guardian
Europe's ExoMars missions are go - finally 0 bbc
Osborne proves to be a lucky chancellor blessed with a less lucky opposition 2 guardian
Jamar Clark: calls for justice heard at funeral for man killed by police 0 guardian
More than a year later, death of Laquan McDonald haunts streets of Chicago 0 guardian
BBC 100 Women 2015: 10 men fighting for gender equality 4 bbc
Rubio's charged but nuanced rhetoric on national security excites GOP voters 2 guardian
'Bristol' number plate sells for more than £20k at auction 0 bbc
Green campaigners condemn cuts to energy-efficiency scheme 1 guardian
U.S. Announces Sanctions on 2 Accused of Dealings With Assad or ISIS 0 nytimes
Officer who shot Laquan McDonald had 20 misconduct claims filed against him 0 guardian
Anti-Islam group publishes addresses of Muslims and 'Muslim sympathisers' 1 guardian