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Egyptian foreign minister: Libya intervention should wait 0 washpo
Paying criminals not to commit crime may not be so funny after all 0 washpo
Consultant’s Arrest Chills Iranian-Americans 0 nytimes
Man shot dead in Dublin 'reprisal' for boxing weigh-in murder 4 bbc
James Murdoch to Return as Sky Chairman 1 nytimes
Gillian Triggs says she was not consulted on Philip Ruddock's human rights job – politics live 6 guardian
Trump rally draws big crowd on eve of New Hampshire primary – live coverage 17 guardian
David Cameron's mother signs petition against cuts to children's services 1 guardian
‘Promise you’ll never put me in a nursing home’ 0 washpo
Witness in CBC assault trial says she misled police 0 washpo
Stronger regional coordination can counter Africa extremism 0 washpo
US stocks slide amid volatile markets 2 bbc
Slain Blacksburg teen told friends she planned to run away with alleged killer 1 washpo
Strained relations over council funding deal 0 bbc
Ministers to consider new organ opt-out legislation 0 bbc
Scotland's not proven verdict 'on borrowed time', say MSPs 0 bbc