News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Ebola crisis: WHO to announce $100m emergency response 3 bbc
Ferrybridge Power station fire causes tower's partial collapse 6 bbc
Met smeared me after I won discrimination case, firearms officer claims 0 independent
BP's risky Rosneft relationship: 'We work in countries with ups and downs' 0 guardian
Ebola outbreak sparks states of emergency in Liberia and Sierra Leone 0 guardian
BBC Trust's hunt for new chairman 'undermined by political meddling' 0 guardian
Isis winning its war on two fronts: Militants have conquered Sunni regions of Iraq and are now consolidating their ho... 2 independent
Leaked memo on CIA says 'No American proud' of abuse 3 bbc
Gaza UN shelter attack 'totally unacceptable' - White House 3 bbc
Netanyahu Vows to Continue Destroying Gaza Tunnels 6 nytimes
England beat India by 266 runs to secure first Test win in a year 3 guardian
Drag queen says church to blame for anti-gay attitudes 0 independent
Gaza conflict: ‘They treat us like the enemy’ – the ambulance drivers on the front line 0 independent
Shooting in downtown Chicago high-rise leaves one dead and one injured 1 guardian
We must not look away from the crises in Africa 1 guardian
CIA admits to spying on Senate staffers 3 guardian