News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Dam breaks, tainted wells prompt new look at coal-ash dumps that escaped EPA review 2 washpo
Eight children killed in mass stabbing in Cairns 1 guardian
Cairns deaths: Eight children found in Australian home 1 bbc
U.N. Seeks $8.4 Billion for Syrians 2 nytimes
Spy helped unmask 3 Cuban spy networks, U.S. officials say 1 washpo
Islamist Militants in Nigeria Kidnap 185 in a Deadly Attack on a Village 1 nytimes
Liberia Will Proceed With Senate Vote Delayed by Ebola 0 nytimes
Sony, ‘The Interview’ and the unspoken truth that all movies are political 1 washpo
Panel calls for deep changes at the Secret Service 6 washpo
Domestic abuse charity criticises May’s law criminalising coercive behaviour 1 guardian
White House says Sony hack is a serious national security matter 3 washpo
In Sierra Leone, the ghosts of war haunt an Ebola graveyard 2 washpo
Pakistani military chief signs death warrants for six ‘hard-core terrorists’ 11 washpo
Obama Intends to Lift Several Restrictions Against Cuba on His Own 1 nytimes
Crucial Spy in Cuba Paid a Heavy Cold War Price 2 nytimes
Dilwyn Jenkins obituary 4 guardian