News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Syrian government sets date for election; opposition calls it ‘parody of democracy’ 2 washpo
Syria refugee flood to Turkey hits 100,000 0 washpo
Spurred by ISIS Violence, Nations Mull How to Press for Justice in Conflicts 1 nytimes
Jimmy Choo poised to step out as listed firm 0 independent
David Blanchflower: Wages fall as the mystery of the British and American job markets gets deeper still 0 independent
The Week Ahead: Emeralds, black tie, milk, cake and allergy medicine on the slate 0 independent
British Retail Consortium in row over policy on business rates 0 independent
Small Talk: A seat at the top table for small entrepreneurs would help to stop muddle and inconsistency in Whitehall 0 independent
New Christmas Island administrator to be former Liberal MP Barry Haase 0 guardian
Kirk Cousins passes for 427 yards, but Eagles top Redskins, 37-34, in feisty affair 4 washpo
'Deadly blasts' in China's Xinjiang 0 bbc
Secret Service considers screening tourists outside White House, adding barriers 0 washpo
Child sex abuse inquiry to hear from members of stolen generations in NT 1 guardian
Obama to Lead U.N. Effort to Halt Movement of Terror Recruits 2 nytimes
Missing U-Va. student’s father: ‘This is every parent’s worst nightmare’ 7 washpo
Pension funds urged to act over low pay for care staff 0 independent