News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Thousands of Migrants Reach Austria as New Groups Set Off 3 nytimes
Lancashire water bug alert remains at 50,000 homes 0 bbc
Elation as refugees are received with open arms in Austria and Germany 1 guardian
Refugee crisis: Germany 'expecting as many as 10,000' arrivals as refugees head through Austria 3 independent
Body found in Snowdonia search for Stephen Longfellow 1 bbc
Motives for Tajikistan violence murky 0 bbc
Saudi Officials Say 10 Soldiers Slain in Yemen 0 nytimes
Danish Girl director Tom Hooper: film industry has 'problem' with transgender actors 0 guardian
Yemen crisis: UAE launches fresh Yemen attacks 0 bbc
Tajikistan clashes leave 22 dead 5 bbc
Queen attends landmark Braemar Gathering 1 bbc
Migrant crisis: UK council leaders seek more resources 11 bbc
Orpington paramedic dies in Clipper Round The World yacht race 3 bbc
Plastic bag use down 71 per cent in Wales after 5p charge 0 independent
What does Facebook know: New app uses what you 'like' to predict your personality 0 independent
Elation as migrants are received with open arms in Austria and Germany 0 guardian