News Article Title Version Source Discovered
EU budget: UK ordered to pay extra €2.1bn by December 1 guardian
Standalone TSB picks up customers 0 bbc
Kim Jong-un Gave Order to Free American, North Korea Says 6 nytimes
James Nutley's family hope a decade since he vanished 1 bbc
Sir Cliff Richard police raid inept say MPs 1 bbc
Ebola crisis: Doctor at New York hospital tests positive 5 guardian
EU leaders agree CO2 emissions cut 4 bbc
Barry Spurr v New Matilda: the facts, the law and the porridge 0 guardian
Life Steps – review: ‘Terrifying, mesmerising and very, very sad’ 0 guardian
Revealed: How MI5 watched the wrong Marxist Oxbridge academics – Christopher Hill and Eric Hobsbawn 1 independent
'Sex assault' Malaysia diplomat flown to New Zealand 0 bbc
China's property prices fall in September 0 bbc
Hong Kong protest: Students to hold vote on government proposals 0 bbc
Sweden calls off search for sub 0 bbc
Can Canada preserve its openness? 1 bbc
Google doodle for India Mangalyaan Mars mission 0 bbc