News Article Title Version Source Discovered
South Sudan President Salva Kiir sacks army chief 4 bbc
Obama says U.S. will stand by treaty obligations to Japan 3 washpo
Putin warns of 'consequences' after Ukraine's military action 2 guardian
Dog bite admissions to hospital three times higher in deprived areas 0 independent
Barclays wins pay vote despite opposition 3 bbc
Astrotourism skyrockets in Chile 2 bbc
Oldest ex-Major League Baseball player dies in Cuba aged 102 2 bbc
Devon councillors allegedly came to blows over parking space 0 bbc
FDA pushes for e-cigarette age restrictions 0 bbc
A change of tack on terrorism in Syria 0 bbc
William Vahey child abuse: International paedophile could have abused in London school 2 independent
Russia orders exercises after Ukraine moves on separatists 11 bbc
I caught Ebola in Guinea and survived 1 bbc
FBI probe teacher William Vahey abused boys in UK 1 bbc
US watchdog to propose new net neutrality rules 1 bbc
To tackle the spread of misinformation online we must first understand it 0 guardian