News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Procedure on Paralyzed Man Stirs Hope and Caution 1 nytimes
Following Scottish vote, attention in Britain shifts to rights for the English 2 washpo
Mexican Military Executed at Least 12, Federal Panel Says 0 nytimes
Former Leader of Australia to Study Asia in a New Way 1 nytimes
Spanish Nurse Is Declared Free of Ebola 3 nytimes
Australia MP in court asylum appeal 0 bbc
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s tough fight against Mary Burke will decide 2016 future 4 washpo
After weeks of clashes, Hong Kong takes time out to debate political showdown 7 washpo
Oscar Pistorius’s 5-Year Sentence May Mean Move to House Arrest 9 nytimes
Hit-and-Run That Killed Canadian Soldier Is Called Terrorist Attack 4 nytimes
Simon Warr cleared of sexual abuse at Suffolk boarding schools 4 bbc
In Hard-Drinking Sydney, Rowdy Beer Barns Make Way for Sleek Bars 0 nytimes
We're not thugs: cage fighting will make MMA fighters safer 0 guardian
Asian shares return to a positive run midweek 0 bbc
New Freedoms in Tunisia Drive Support for ISIS 2 nytimes
Washington Post former editor Ben Bradlee dies at 93 4 bbc