News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Egypt: Apartment Building Collapses 0 nytimes
Marilyn Monroe photos sold by Church Stretton auctioneers 0 bbc
Ferguson shooting: Protests spread across US 6 bbc
U.S.-Led Raid Rescues Eight Held in Yemen 4 nytimes
Indigenous Australia knows the cynicism exposed by Michael Brown's killing in Ferguson 1 guardian
Hong Kong protests: Dozens arrested as sites demolished 4 bbc
Six unexpected WW1 battlegrounds 1 bbc
Picture power: Pausing the moment 0 bbc
Breaking the cycle of poor literacy standards - one step at a time 0 bbc
Social media: Terrorism's front line 0 bbc
Breaking Silence, Ayatollah Says Iran Is Standing Up to West in Nuclear Talks 4 nytimes
Total Oil Company to Face Trial Over Claims of Graft Tied to Iran Contracts 1 nytimes
Ferguson riots: Ruling sparks night of violence 13 bbc
Inquiry Into Rape Claims Against Irish Republican Army 1 nytimes
Ferguson shooting: Protests spread across US 5 bbc
The performance poet who uses a ventilator as part of his act 0 bbc