News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Banned Cluster Bombs Were Used in Five Countries, Report Says 1 nytimes
Kentucky clerk is one of three in state refusing to issue marriage licenses 2 guardian
Essex Police to stop responding to 'minor' noise, animal and parking issues 2 bbc
Migrant crisis: PM says UK will fulfil moral responsibilities 12 bbc
Wing part found on Reunion island is definitely from MH370, French prosecutors say 2 independent
Alan Kurdi death: A Syrian Kurdish family forced to flee 0 bbc
Aown Dogar drowned in River Thames during games with friends 0 bbc
'Deceptive' YouTube video ads helped promote Xbox One 0 bbc
Star Wars toys on show in YouTube unboxing marathon 0 bbc
David Cameron to be invited to address European Parliament 0 bbc
Consensual stop-and-searches by Police Scotland to end 5 bbc
Tony Blair loses challenge against Daily Mail story 1 guardian
Turkey Frees Two British Journalists With Vice News 1 nytimes
Al Jazeera America's digital newsroom vote to unionize 1 guardian
Heston Blumenthal adds dash of spice to home economics GCSE 1 guardian
Thousands in UK pledge to help resettle refugees 1 guardian