News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Oklahoma hit by magnitude 5.1 and 3.9 earthquakes 0 guardian
Syria conflict: Pressure grows on Russia over civilian bomb deaths 6 bbc
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni seeks to extend 30-year rule over country 0 independent
Puerto Rican judge nominated as 1st gay chief justice 1 washpo
Protesters in Spain urge puppeteers’ acquittal on charges 1 washpo
Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo astronaut who walked on the moon, dies at 85 4 washpo
Five people die after car plunges into Swedish canal 1 guardian
21st Century US 'dustbowl' risk assessed 1 bbc
Writing a love letter instead of a police report: why victims contact sex attackers 1 guardian
Beware big talk about the tax code 1 washpo
Madeleine Albright 'did not mean to tell large number of women to go to hell' 0 guardian
Earth's rarest minerals catalogued 0 bbc
Snow and flood warnings issued for parts of UK 1 guardian
EU referendum: US wants 'strong UK in strong EU' 6 bbc
Will Self joins London ‘mass trespass’ over privatisation of public space 1 guardian
Deaths of two teenage girls in Arizona was a murder-suicide, police say 7 guardian