News Article Title Version Source Discovered
FTSE 100 falls as mining stocks slide 0 bbc
Nick Alexander died from bullet wounds to stomach and chest 3 bbc
India schoolboys arrested for gang-raping classmate 1 bbc
Abuse inquiry: Churches and 'prominent people' to be investigated 3 bbc
Nosakhere Stephenson: Leader of gun dealing ring jailed 1 bbc
Miss World Canada 'barred from China flight' 7 bbc
How do you feel about military action in Syria? 0 guardian
Zac Goldsmith mayoral pitch takes shape with help from influential friends 0 guardian
Black Friday? For me it’s as festive as a white Christmas 0 guardian
Child sex abuse inquiry to focus on churches and politicians 0 guardian
Black Friday: Blues and Benefits 1 bbc
BBC 100 Women: The fearless nun inside 'hell on earth' 1 bbc
HSBC to shut its private banking operation in India 0 bbc
Christiana Figueres: the woman tasked with saving the world from global warming 2 guardian
Jeremy Corbyn faces threat of shadow cabinet resignations 5 bbc
Queen opens meeting of 53 Commonwealth leaders in Malta 1 bbc