News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Queensland poll setback for Australian PM Tony Abbott 2 bbc
Ebola crisis: Obama says US outbreak risk very low 5 bbc
Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters set to return 0 bbc
Alan Barnes: Disabled mugging victim fund reaches £200k 0 bbc
Murder trial begins in the case of Etan Patz, boy who disappeared 35 years ago 3 washpo
Sisi Blames Muslim Brotherhood for Bombings in Sinai 1 nytimes
Japan outraged at IS 'beheading' of hostage Kenji Goto 6 bbc
Saudi Arabia: Why succession could become a princely tussle 3 bbc
Hardhanded Judge Is Picked for American Reporter’s Trial in Iran, Rights Group Says 0 nytimes
Gaza UN school shelter hit, 'killing 13' 13 bbc
In Havana, a renovation in marble — and maybe in spirit, too 1 washpo
Chile's President Bachelet proposes end to total abortion ban 1 bbc
A GOP governor means new challenges for longtime Md. Senate President Mike Miller 2 washpo
Nicky Morgan announces 'war on illiteracy and innumeracy' 0 bbc
New Jersey Governor Christie to begin UK visit 0 bbc
ISIS Says It Has Killed 2nd Japanese Hostage 5 nytimes