News Article Title Version Source Discovered
David Cameron’s FGM drive cannot obscure his dismal record on vulnerable women 1 guardian
India's rich to quadruple wealth in four years as ranks of multimillionaires grow 0 guardian
How common are plane crashes? 0 guardian
Jacqueline Bisset: 'Older women continue to want sex but men don't want to sleep with them' 0 guardian
Pet Shop Boys review – Alan Turing Prom curiously lacking in modernity 0 guardian
Ukrainian prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk resigns 0 guardian
Kent nurse awarded damages for false genocide headline 0 bbc
Algeria airliner feared crashed on flight from Burkina Faso 11 bbc
Government 'loses £700m NHS IT legal battle with Fujitsu' 1 bbc
Palestinian teenager's funeral delayed by post-mortem 14 bbc
Ben Blakeley guilty of Jayden Parkinson murder 2 bbc
Gaza UN shelter shelled, 'killing 15' 4 bbc
Commonwealth Games 2014: MoD refuses request to let Red Arrows use Scottish colours 0 independent
The perils of sexy Facebook pictures 0 bbc
Devastation and tragedy of routine Taiwan flight 0 bbc
Bridlington landlady murder: CCTV of suspect John Heald released 0 bbc