News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Big spending by parties, independent groups drowns airwaves in negative attacks 2 washpo
Man apprehended after jumping White House fence in latest security breach 1 guardian
Mario Balotelli’s half-time shirt swap leaves Brendan Rodgers fuming 0 guardian
Asian shares down following Wall Street's lead 0 bbc
U.S. plans 21-day monitoring of people who arrive from Ebola-stricken nations 1 washpo
Taliban Are Rising Again in Afghanistan’s North 0 nytimes
Homebase to shut one in four stores with thousands of jobs to go 2 independent
When things go wrong, Obama increasingly relies on his inner circle, not his Cabinet 3 washpo
Shots fired at Canadian War Memorial, Parliament; soldier killed, police scouring downtown Ottawa 13 washpo
From poultry workers to office cleaners, unions are being attacked for sticking up for workers' rights 2 guardian
Gunman Panics Canadian Capital, Killing Soldier in Rampage 13 nytimes
Mexican Official Links a Mayor to Missing College Students 1 nytimes
Luke Batty was killed by his father. So why does Rosie Batty have to defend her parenting decisions? 1 guardian
New White House fence jumper; apprehended before reaching residence 3 washpo
It’s the worst year ever for auto recalls. Why are so many dangerous cars still on the road? 2 washpo
Ottawa shootings: a spectacular failure for Canadian intelligence 2 guardian