News Article Title Version Source Discovered
US-Israel relations take a tumble after Kerry's latest round of 'shuttle diplomacy' 0 bbc
US downplays Israeli criticism of truce talks as diplomatic strain shows 1 guardian
Jeremy Hunt demands urgent inspections of chicken factories 2 guardian
Georgia Files Criminal Charges Against Ex-President 0 nytimes
Israel-Gaza conflict: 10 Palestinians killed and 46 injured in airstrike on hospital and park 4 independent
Iran students face expulsion from Norway over sanctions 1 bbc
Nick Matthew sees off James Willstrop in Commonwealth Games squash final 0 guardian
Israeli Leader Signals No Quick End to Gaza War 9 nytimes
Sunni militants 'seize Iraq's western border crossings' 7 bbc
Congress announces deal on veterans affairs health fix 1 bbc
Conservative MP David Ruffley to stand down in 2015 2 bbc
3 Pakistanis Die as Facebook Photo Sets Off Blasphemy Rampage 1 nytimes
Plymouth 'cruising' crash girl, 16, out of hospital 3 bbc
Lightning strike kills man on Venice Beach, Los Angeles 2 bbc
Gaza City and Israel's Eshkol hit by deadly blasts 4 bbc
From Boeing to banking: how Russian sanctions will hit western business 1 guardian