News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Betting shop exclusion scheme expanded across Glasgow 0 bbc
Revealed: how AstraZeneca avoids paying UK corporation tax 2 guardian
Binyamin Netanyahu vows 'harsh offensive' on Palestinian violence 2 guardian
Support growing in Commons for bombing Isis in Syria, says Hammond 4 guardian
The man who survived eight Nazi death camps 0 bbc
Are drones dangerous or harmless fun? 0 bbc
WW2 Spitfire to be unearthed from Cambridgeshire fen 0 bbc
Holyrood health committee questions value of NHS targets 0 bbc
Will Boris Johnson make us give up Uber? 0 bbc
Lack of funding for rare lung disease 'costs lives' 0 bbc
Conservative conference: Businesses consider EU question 0 bbc
Sports Direct site 'called ambulances dozens of times' 0 bbc
Shoppers in England last to face 5p plastic bag charge 0 bbc
How the Jack the Ripper industry distorts London's East End 1 guardian
Portugal centre-right wins re-election 1 bbc
Afghan conflict: MSF demands Kunduz hospital inquiry 4 bbc