News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Album spins closer towards its final track as a viable format 1 guardian
Your questions to Tulip Mazumdar 2 bbc
Stowell: I will be Beyonce of Lords despite loss of rank 2 bbc
Ghost gazumping: Buyers' peril from rising house prices 1 bbc
Two women cheat death by diving under a train while crossing a rail bridge 0 independent
Chris de Broglio 0 guardian
Iran urged to release detained Washington Post journalist 0 guardian
Conflicted UN struggles in global peace efforts 1 bbc
Domestic abuse victims to testify in support of new gun control law 2 guardian
Police investigated over 'using crowbar to kill injured deer' 0 independent
Police officers who tackled suspect in monkey and zebra onesies commended for bravery 0 independent
Woman with 'Skywalker' as middle name has passport application rejected by Home Office 0 independent
Xinjiang: Tight security after deadly violence 0 bbc
Ex-Manchester United boss David Moyes wine bar 'scuffle' case dropped 0 bbc
Ebola virus a threat to UK, Philip Hammond warns 11 bbc
Ukraine conflict: Army claims strategic town in Donetsk 4 bbc