News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Jerusalem Gay Pride: Six stabbed 'by ultra-Orthodox Jew' 9 bbc
Saudi Arabia has beheaded its 110th prisoner this year 0 independent
Shops in struggling high streets permitted to be open all day Sunday under new rules 0 independent
UK hauliers face fines over stowaway migrants – even if they alert police 1 guardian
Greece needs wide debt relief to avoid permanent depression, thinktank warns 1 guardian
Disney misses revenue expectations as profits jump 1 bbc
Rick Perry excluded from Republican debate 0 bbc
Libya investigates Gaddafi son 'abuse' video 0 bbc
Kelly Osbourne: 'If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to clean your toilet, Donald Trump?' 3 independent
Airbus has patented a jet that could fly from London to New York in one hour 1 independent
Ted Heath child abuse claims being investigated by five police forces 7 guardian
Kosovo Parliament Votes to Allow War Crimes Court 2 nytimes
Fox News announces presidential candidates for the first 2016 GOP debate 0 independent
Bikes and cars on borrowers' shopping lists, says Lloyds 0 bbc
TUC reports rise in night workers 0 bbc
Calais crisis: Manston Airport to be Operation Stack lorry park 8 bbc