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Ukraine 'slipping out of control', Germany warns 0 bbc
Study Says ZMapp Works Against Ebola 0 nytimes
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iranian Groups 0 nytimes
Since Islamic State swept into Mosul, we live encircled by its dark fear 0 guardian
From Big Belly to the Discoed Yew: the trees that grow on us 0 guardian
Substantial, severe, critical – can we trust the terror threat rating? 0 guardian
‘How to tame your troll’ only really works if you’re Mary Beard 0 guardian
Israeli Shells Are Said to Hit a U.N. School 11 nytimes
First Lady Praises Leaders for Progress of Girls in Africa 1 nytimes
South African court convicts men of murder attempt on Rwandan general 0 guardian
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen could be stripped of title 0 guardian
A sound idea: can ambient noise make us work harder? 0 guardian
Primary school may have to serve pub sandwiches to meet free meals pledge 0 guardian
Washington Meeting of African Leaders Opens to Protests 3 nytimes
How Ethiopians in the US cling onto their heritage 1 bbc
The Joy of Six: Tim Cahill 1 guardian