News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Mortgage lending fell in July before rise in interest rates 2 guardian
The biggest election threat facing Labour is complacency 3 guardian
Clarke Gayford: New Zealand police deny PM's partner is under investigation 3 guardian
Police arrest dozens at Paris May Day protests 4 guardian
Steven Tyler orders Donald Trump to stop playing Aerosmith music at rallies 2 guardian
Iran deal: Trump breaks with European allies over 'horrible, one-sided' nuclear agreement 8 guardian
Surgeons repair babies' spinal cords in the womb in UK first 4 guardian
We’re not attention-seekers, say the railway piano players 2 guardian
Budget: more cash for NHS but crackdown on tech firms expected 4 guardian
Boris Johnson under fire over expenses-paid £14k Saudi Arabia trip 4 guardian
May to face cabinet after Varadkar stands firm on Brexit backstop 7 guardian
'Mock slave auction' at Bath school 'instilled fear' in locals – charity 6 guardian
Labour, antisemitism and criticism of Israel 3 guardian
Heidi Heitkamp faces possible lawsuit after incorrectly naming sexual assault victims 4 guardian
Australia’s frontier war killings still conveniently escape official memory 2 guardian
Coups and murder: the sinister world of apartheid’s secret mercenaries 1 guardian