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Ex-Clinton strategist says ‘WOKENESS IS A PROBLEM’ for Democrats, who are too afraid to criticize because they’ll be ... 2 rtcom
Black US soldier sues police after being pepper-sprayed, held at gunpoint during traffic stop as VIDEO of incident sp... 2 rtcom
Iran threatens to further reduce nuclear commitments if the US doesn’t return to 2015 deal 2 rtcom
Coronavirus live: UK expert fears lockdown Christmas; vaccines alone not enough to curb variants – WHO 4 guardian
Helado Negro at the End of the World 2 nytimes
US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to be complete by 'end of August' – White House 4 rtcom
Ukrainian poet & professor ‘fired’ from university post after sparking wrath of far-right online over support for Rus... 3 rtcom
'I. Am. So. Sorry': Talking about my pregnancy losses 1 bbc
Facebook leaks: Network knew it radicalized users, was too slow to root out QAnon and anti-vaxxers, critics say 0 rtcom
Biden administration unleashes pseudo-national ‘Gender Strategy Report’ to weaponize ‘equity’ where ‘democracy’ no lo... 0 rtcom
Iron curtain on the airwaves: Latvia becomes latest country to censor Russian TV shows, as Moscow diplomats slam new ... 2 rtcom
Russia’s Kalashnikov gun factory launches digital rifle ‘for hipsters,’ allowing high-tech hunters to live-stream the... 2 rtcom
Mandatory ‘freedom bracelets’? Israel OKs Covid tracking tech after ‘satisfied volunteers’ prefer it to military-run ... 3 rtcom
Secret Service agents at VP’s mansion arrest ex-drone pilot ‘paranoid’ about govt seeking to kill him, find guns & am... 3 rtcom
Reporter critical of Antifa flees US amid threats as ‘POLITICAL REFUGEE,’ decades after his parents arrived as asylum... 2 rtcom
Van crash with stationary lorry closes part of M1 near Milton Keynes 0 bbc