News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z tap into rising alt-milk star Oatly 1 guardian
Grant Imahara, Engineer Who Co-Hosted ‘MythBusters,’ Dies at 49 1 nytimes
This Year Will End Eventually. Document It While You Can. 2 nytimes
Britain bars Huawei from its 5G wireless networks, part of a growing shift away from the Chinese tech giant 5 washpo
2020 Election Updates: Asked About Black Americans Killed by Police, Trump Says, ‘So Are White People’ 14 nytimes
Deadly Taliban attack adds to despair over faltering Afghan peace process 1 washpo
Thousands of protesting Israelis call on Netanyahu to resign 3 washpo
Government Carries Out First Federal Execution in 17 Years 5 nytimes
U.K. Bars Huawei as Tech Battle Between China and the West Escalates 6 nytimes
Cross-party group of MPs to lead UK coronavirus inquiry 1 guardian
After a Trail of Tears, Justice for ‘Indian Country’ 3 nytimes
Brits remain reluctant to wear face masks, despite having the highest coronavirus death toll in Europe 2 washpo
A Veggie Burger Unlike the Others 1 nytimes
Radio Host Loses Her Show Over English-Only Rant 0 nytimes
Global Methane Emissions Reach a Record High 0 nytimes
University of Texas Won’t Drop Song With Racist History as Players Requested 0 nytimes