News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Deadly attack on Methodist church in Pakistan 4 bbc
Theresa May condemns threats and abuse against MPs 0 guardian
Miss Iraq's family forced to flee country after beauty queen's selfie with Miss Israel 0 independent
Chile Votes in Bitterly Divisive Presidential Election 0 nytimes
Liam Allan: Falsely accused student supports anonymity for rape suspects 2 independent
Birmingham crash: Six dead in multi-vehicle smash 9 bbc
Birmingham six-car crash leaves six people dead 7 guardian
California wildfire: Thousands flee third largest blaze in state's history 0 independent
Hanukkah candles warning after Salford and Prestwich blazes 0 bbc
Joe McFadden: Child star to dance champion 0 bbc
Schools who exclude children to boost results should be fined, children’s commissioner for England says 1 independent
Pensions Secretary admits there have been benefits cases 'where we got it wrong' 0 independent
Brexit: Top Labour figures give mixed messages on second EU referendum 1 independent
10 women killed in Saudi airstrike targeting wedding procession in Yemen – report 0 rtcom
Deadly attack on Methodist church in Pakistan 3 bbc
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will open an embassy in East Jerusalem 1 independent