News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'Boorish' tourists in Venice targeted in mooted sitting-down ban 0 guardian
Labour NEC backs plan to speed up handling of antisemitism claims 0 guardian
Labour’s plans for democracy must begin at home 0 guardian
Westminster attacker told mother: 'They’ll say I’m a terrorist, I’m not' 1 guardian
Trump Arrives in North Carolina to See Hurricane Florence’s Devastation 1 nytimes
CCTV of car in Gravesend nightclub shown to jurors 0 bbc
Russian-born woman claims she was target in Salisbury scare 2 guardian
Cleveland Police death bite dog had bitten before 0 bbc
Utah Group Files Complaint Against Mia Love Over Fund-Raising 0 nytimes
Westminster Inquest: Attacker 'told his children he was going to die' 1 bbc
Danske bank chief resigns over €200bn money-laundering scandal 2 guardian
4 people injured after shooter opens fire in office building in Middleton, Wisconsin 2 rtcom
Trump Admits ‘We Have an Attorney General,’ but Says He’s Disappointed in Him 2 nytimes
The Local Precinct Knew Her Troubles. The Officers Who Shot Her Came From Another. 1 nytimes
Zambia sacks minister after allegations that UK aid was used for arms 2 guardian
‘Nastiest I’ve Ever Seen It’: Residents Along Cape Fear River Brace for Record Floods 1 nytimes