News Article Title Version Source Discovered
What Trump Is Teaching Our Children 0 nytimes
Where the Dead Still Cry for Justice 0 nytimes
Manchester bomber's brother denies involvement in attack 0 guardian
Prison for Life. He Turned Himself Around. So I Freed Him. 0 nytimes
Idle threat? Barnier reveals Theresa May ‘never’ used no-deal Brexit as bargaining chip 0 rtcom
A ‘Train Wreck’ Was Averted at the Supreme Court, but for How Long? 0 nytimes
Man finds own amputated leg on cigarette packets without consent 0 bbc
Instagram hides likes count in international test 'to remove pressure' 1 bbc
Britain at risk of 'full-blown' recession as no-deal Brexit looms - business live 6 guardian
Kyoto Animation fire: At least 26 dead after suspected arson attack 9 bbc
MPs call for halt to authorities' use of facial recognition 1 bbc
Extinction Rebellion: Michael Gove admits need for urgent action 6 guardian
Shami Chakrabarti warns police over Extinction Rebellion prosecutions 4 guardian
Councils refusing to reveal data of rough sleepers to Home Office 2 guardian
Bristol Premier Inn: Fire at hotel near Cribbs Causeway 2 bbc
Extinction Rebellion protest: Somerset eBayer's boat used 1 bbc