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'Perverse outcomes': How Australia is failing sexual harassment victims 0 guardian
Australia's gender pay gap: why do women still earn less than men? 0 guardian
Asp – or ash? Climate historians link Cleopatra's demise to volcanic eruption 0 guardian
Inflation is back. And this time the effects could be much worse 0 guardian
East London primary school head apologises for slave dress letter 0 guardian
Anthony Scaramucci's media project asks how many Jews died in the Holocaust in online poll 0 independent
Hundreds of homeless people given one-way tickets to other areas by their local councils 0 independent
Brexit: Soldiers could be placed on UK borders in ‘last resort' if there's no deal, Home Office official admits 0 independent
Howard University: Shooting reported at Washington DC campus 1 independent
Sainsbury's to cut up to 2,000 administrative jobs 0 bbc
MI5 boss Andrew Parker warns of 'intense’ terror threat 0 bbc
Taliban Breach Afghan Police Posts, Killing Dozens 2 nytimes
France Plans Fines for Catcalls as Women Speak Out on Harassment 0 nytimes
Do We Believe Women Yet? The Battle to End Sexual Harassment 1 nytimes
Felony cop killings up 61% in 2016 – FBI report 0 rtcom
Russian performance artist who set fire to French bank placed in psychiatric facility – source 0 rtcom