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Scientists detect ‘superbolt’ lightning strikes that hit with more power than entire US solar, wind energy capacity 0 rtcom
Bravery or ‘Covidiocy’? Mixed reviews as UK travel agency says it will boycott Qantas over compulsory Covid-19 vaccin... 0 rtcom
Rishi Sunak: Why should I care what he says? 1 bbc
The Risks of Another Epidemic: Teenage Vaping 0 nytimes
Egypt singer Mohamed Ramadan faces lawsuit over photo with Israelis 2 bbc
'Notable' fall in Scotland's alcohol death rate 1 bbc
UK coronavirus live: Hancock keen to end 'work when ill' culture and urges people to get tested 4 guardian
We Need Election Results Everyone Can Believe In. Here’s How. 1 nytimes
Education secretary 'unlawfully scrapped children's rights' 0 bbc
Benefits scams worth £1bn foiled by officials during lockdown 0 bbc
Covid disruption gets worse for secondary schools 0 bbc
Newsom Family Quarantines Amid California’s Covid Surge 0 nytimes
Moderna to supply 160 million doses of its Covid-19 vaccine to EU 0 rtcom
Trevor Elliott: We can't stop caring for children because of Covid 0 guardian
Jeremy Kyle 'called TV guest serial liar' a week before his death 0 guardian
Matt Hancock wants to use NHS testing system to fight flu after Covid 0 guardian