News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Battle for Mosul: The story so far 47 bbc
‘Natural habitat for 2mn citizens’: Russia outlines Arctic development focus ahead of intl forum 0 rtcom
Thousands use 'fake life' scam to get into the UK 0 bbc
Australia Day billboard featuring girls in hijabs removed after threats 2 guardian
As Trump Era Arrives, a Sense of Uncertainty Grips the World 6 nytimes
Centrelink under scrutiny over use of robo-debt system to target aged pension 1 guardian
Turnbull says One Nation’s medicinal cannabis amnesty 'irresponsible' 0 guardian
Leopard shark makes world-first switch from sexual to asexual reproduction 0 guardian
Mr. Obama, Pick Up Your Pardon Pen 0 nytimes
Venezuela's new high value banknotes enter circulation 0 bbc
Who was second-longest serving US president? 0 bbc
Why was the Zimmerman Telegram so important? 0 bbc
Kangaroo attacks Melbourne jogger 'like a damn truck' 0 guardian
Gunmen kill eight Egyptian police in attack on al-Naqab checkpoint, interior ministry says 0 guardian
As Support for E.U. Flags Elsewhere, Bulgaria Sees Its Benefits 0 nytimes
Coffee shops on the march as pubs decline, town centre data shows 3 bbc