News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Trump announces $60bn of further tariffs on imports from China 2 guardian
Brexit: Confusion over claim leaders of several European countries back new referendum on UK's withdrawal from EU 5 independent
Tours of Nazi Camps 0 nytimes
On School Leadership 0 nytimes
The President’s Accusers 0 nytimes
Cynthia Nixon and the Degradation of Experience 0 nytimes
Women and College Graduates Flock to the Democratic Party, Study Finds 1 nytimes
Mexico journalist shot dead in Gulf state of Veracruz 1 guardian
Judge gives permission for blood samples to be taken from the Skripals 4 guardian
Tory donors among investors in Cambridge Analytica parent firm 3 guardian
Cambridge Analytica scandal: the biggest revelations so far 0 guardian
Slovaks Meet the New Bosses. They’re Not Much Different From the Old Bosses. 0 nytimes
Cambridge Analytica: MPs recall suspended chief Alexander Nix 1 bbc
A&E performance in Wales worst on record 3 bbc
Europe’s past matters today. My grandma’s survival story tells us why 1 guardian
Massive DDoS attack on Russia’s Defense Ministry website during vote on new arms names 0 rtcom