News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Trump praises controversial pundit Candace Owens as a 'very smart thinker' 2 guardian
Taking a lesson from Michael Curry could just save the Church of England 1 guardian
Failed by both its major parties, betrayed Britain lurches towards the abyss 0 guardian
Genoa airport lifts liquids ban for pesto 4 guardian
Cambridge Union: Art deco facade to go in £10m revamp 1 bbc
Cameroon to investigate mass killing in northern village 1 guardian
UN seeks 'credible' investigation into Yemen bus attack 1 guardian
Windrush victims say government response is a 'shambles' 5 guardian
Womenomics 101: Chinese women are at the forefront of global luxury spending 0 rtcom
First Nations look to buy equity in pipeline to have say in project's future 3 guardian
Sri Lanka: ousted prime minister Wickremesinghe reinstalled 0 guardian
Britain has led a charmed political life. But there is a price to pay for complacency 0 guardian
Storm Deirdre batters UK and adds to retail woe 0 guardian
Vulnerable teenagers get a helping hand with basics of financial life 0 guardian
Cory Bernardi attempts positive spin on lost campaign against same-sex marriage 6 guardian
Berlusconi vows not to veto pact between Italy's populist parties 1 guardian