News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Trump Is Going After One of the Most Conservative Institutions in the U.S. Government 1 nytimes
Bodies found in New Zealand auction suitcases were of two young children 1 bbc
U.S. to Begin Formal Trade Talks With Taiwan 2 nytimes
Algeria forest fires: At least 26 dead, minister says 1 bbc
UK weather: Storms and rain bring flash floods to southern England 11 bbc
A-level results 2022: Care leaver celebrates results 0 bbc
Bury St Edmunds theatre pleads for help as energy bill rises £47k 0 bbc
Dashcam captures pallet fall from lorry joining M1 in Northamptonshire 0 bbc
Sewage: Sussex beaches closed after wastewater discharge 0 bbc
It Was the Housing Crisis Epicenter. Now the Sun Belt Is an Inflation Vanguard. 1 nytimes
Afghanistan: Deadly blast rips through crowded Kabul mosque 8 bbc
Battery power problem cuts short Russian spacewalk, Nasa says 0 bbc
MP Margaret Ferrier pleads guilty to exposing public to Covid 4 bbc
Edinburgh bin workers begin strikes in pay dispute 2 bbc
Who Will Get Rid of Putin? The Answer Is Grim. 1 nytimes
Dust devil: Footage shows whirlwind blowing in Worcestershire 0 bbc