News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Russian officials call for governor's suspicious election to be annulled 2 guardian
Stormy Daniels’s ‘Full Disclosure’ Book Will Likely Rattle White House 2 nytimes
Donald Trump urged Spain to 'build the wall' – across the Sahara 1 guardian
Christine Blasey Ford's life 'turned upside down' after accusing Kavanaugh 1 guardian
Trump on Sessions: 'I don't have an attorney general' 5 bbc
Protests as Bannon defends Europe’s far right at debate 1 guardian
Retailer Orla Kiely ceases trading on cash crunch 8 bbc
Utah Group Files Complaint Against Mia Love Over Fund-Raising 1 nytimes
3D-Printed Gun Promoter Cody Wilson Charged With Sexual Assault of Child 1 nytimes
New York Review of Books editor Ian Buruma departs amid outrage over essay 0 guardian
‘Putin wants me dead’: Russian ‘model’ seduces UK tabloids with new Salisbury poisoning claims 0 rtcom
'Isis will be looking for targets': guns and fear mark Afghan Ashura 1 guardian
Marvel’s Kremlin connection? Elizabeth Olsen teaches Conan to curse in Russian (VIDEO) 0 rtcom
Rat poison, Prezzo and the Russian model: an odd Salisbury subplot 1 guardian
Mylee Billingham: Father 'dragged daughter before killing her' 3 bbc
Zambia sacks minister after allegations that UK aid was used for arms 3 guardian