News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Twitter says Online Safety Bill needs more clarity 1 bbc
Cleveland police chief says criminalising drug addiction is causing deaths 0 bbc
Turkey's purchase of US F-16s & upgrade kits as compensation for being dropped from F-35 program moves forward – defe... 0 rtcom
Peru’s foreign minister becomes 2nd govt official to step down for receiving Covid-19 jab ahead of priority groups 2 rtcom
Coronavirus live: UK expert fears lockdown Christmas; vaccines alone not enough to curb variants – WHO 3 guardian
Minneapolis judge orders city to hire more police officers after residents sue over crime rates 2 rtcom
Iran’s armed forces ready to deliver ‘crushing response’ to any threat, says Tehran’s top military commander 2 rtcom
Back into quarantine? German govt plans new harsh Covid-19 restrictions in draft law – reports 2 rtcom
Only the VACCINATED will be saved? Confusion after St. Vincent PM says only those with Covid jab can flee VOLCANO on ... 2 rtcom
House Speaker Pelosi proposes diplomatic BOYCOTT of China’s 2022 Winter Olympics 6 rtcom
Antibody cocktail, touted by Trump as 'cure' for Covid-19, to be launched across UK next week for coronavirus patients 1 rtcom
‘Spineless surrender to PC police’: Fans angry after soldier-turned-TV-star Ant Middleton axed by Channel 4 for ‘pers... 2 rtcom
Seven years after Maidan divided country, Ukraine intensifies shelling of Donbass to sound of deafening silence from ... 2 rtcom
Moscow must continue ‘necessary’ policy of de-dollarization to end dependence on US currency, says Russian Senate chi... 2 rtcom
Despite deteriorating relationship between Moscow and Brussels, new survey reveals over half of Russians see EU in po... 2 rtcom
Surreal scenes in Minneapolis, as National Guardsmen order woman out of car AT GUNPOINT at gas station (VIDEO) 2 rtcom