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Only 12 per cent of Americans support Senate healthcare bill, new poll finds 0 independent
US laptop ban: increased security measures announced for America-bound flights from 105 countries 0 independent
US intelligence report claims Russia is convinced that America wants regime change in the Kremlin 0 independent
Academy Awards invite women and people of colour to become Oscar judges after diversity outrage 0 independent
Donald Trump promises 'big surprise' on healthcare as Republicans seek to quickly fix Senate bill 0 independent
Martin Shkreli: lawyers struggle to find impartial jury for trial of ‘most hated man in America’ 0 independent
Donald Trump's team 'postponing legal attack on Comey' 0 independent
US lays out visa criteria for Donald Trump's controversial 'Muslim travel ban' 0 independent
Trump's Russia lawyer faces conflict-of-interest questions over $296m Kushner deal 0 guardian
Pope's chief financial adviser Cardinal George Pell vows to fight historical sex offence charges 0 independent
Serial destroyer of Ten Commandments monuments arrested in Arkansas 0 independent
Cardinal George Pell: Top adviser to Pope charged with multiple sex offences given 'leave of absence' by Vatican 0 independent
Kurdish woman fighting Isis in Raqqa laughs after being narrowly missed by sniper 0 independent
Angela Merkel promises to take Donald Trump to task at G20 summit over climate change 0 independent
Man 'shot dead by pregnant girlfriend' in YouTube prank video gone wrong 0 independent
Canadian sniper who killed Isis fighter with world-record shot prevented an attack on Iraqi troops, says general 0 independent