News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Interior Minister Seehofer defiant in row over Islam’s place in Germany 0 rtcom
‘Sack them’: Public calls for cops to be fired over ‘insensitive’ murder scene selfie 0 rtcom
Paris says supermarket attacker known only for petty crimes as ISIS claims responsibility 0 rtcom
Kurdish rebel group withdrawing from Sinjar in N. Iraq after threats of Turkish attack 0 rtcom
#ICYMI: Cambridge Apocalyptica – social media controls your every thought ... probably (VIDEO) 0 rtcom
UK firm to contest move to make new passports in France 11 bbc
Our manifesto to fix America's gun laws 2 guardian
Parkland students interview Bernie Sanders: 'Your generation has the power to change America' 2 guardian
Florida shooting: Why I'm marching on Washington DC 1 bbc
Gunman shot dead by police after three killed in French hostage-taking 6 guardian
Trebes siege: Two people dead in French supermarket 'terror attack', police say 5 independent
With Bolton, Trump Creates a Hard-Line Foreign Policy Team 1 nytimes
Origin of 'six-inch mummy' confirmed 1 bbc
Prezzo restaurant chain to close 94 outlets 2 bbc
Inspector Darren McKie guilty of wife's murder 0 bbc
Russian spy: UK accused of leading 'anti-Russian campaign' 0 bbc