News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Rescuers Battle Flooding in Desperate Bid to Save Cyclone Victims 0 nytimes
Ethiopian Airlines Installed Max 8 Simulator, but Pilot on Doomed Flight Didn’t Get Training 0 nytimes
Levi Strauss worth $6.5bn in stock market return 0 bbc
Theresa May is seeking a short Brexit delay – what happens next? 3 guardian
Theresa May: don't blame me for Brexit crisis, blame MPs 1 guardian
Italian Driver Kidnaps Busload of Students 0 nytimes
FBI joins criminal probe as US Senate panel set to grill FAA & Boeing over 737 MAX certification 0 rtcom
‘Possible misinformation’: Expert calls US bluff on imminent test of ‘DEATH RAY’ with ‘tiny’ budget 0 rtcom
Hectored by Netanyahu, Israeli Arabs Could Have the Last Say 2 nytimes
Lockerbie investigators ‘question former Stasi agents’ 0 guardian
Months After John McCain’s Death, Trump Keeps Feud With Him Alive 1 nytimes
LAPD officers get rare official rebuke for killing man in mall 1 guardian
An Iowa Town Fought and Failed to Save a Levee. Now It’s Flooded. 1 nytimes
OneWeb launches mega-constellation pathfinder satellites 4 bbc
Florida House Panel Approves Bill That Would Set Terms on Voting Rights for Ex-Felons 0 nytimes
Lockerbie investigators ‘question former Stasi agents’ 0 guardian