News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Cotswolds quad bike crash victim named as Grace Vater 1 bbc
Country diary: Winter greens above, spring greens below 1 guardian
This Michigan county voted for Trump, then Biden. Now voters are weighing inequality, age and prices 1 guardian
MoD sued by aircrew over alleged exposure to carcinogenic helicopter fumes 3 guardian
Brazilian butt-lift surgery: Coroner to issue warning after Turkey death 3 bbc
Trump trial live: Jury to begin deliberations in hush-money case - BBC News 1 bbc
Keir Starmer denies Diane Abbott barred from standing for Labour 7 bbc
Dacorum council's wild wee warning sign 'not enforceable' 1 bbc
South Africa elections 2024: Can ANC overcome challenge from Zuma, DA, EFF and others? - BBC News 16 bbc
Dovedale stepping stones: Walkers warned against crossing river 2 bbc
Fake Biden robocall tells voters to skip New Hampshire primary election 2 bbc
Gucci design staff strike in protest at plan to relocate to Milan 3 guardian
Russia urged to renew Ukraine grain deal at Africa summit 2 bbc
Texas curriculum overhaul would increase biblical content in elementary schools 0 guardian
Billionaire tycoon backs tax increases 0 rtcom
Western backers warn Zelensky not to expect ‘the impossible’ – Telegraph 1 rtcom