News Article Title Version Source Discovered
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A grinding artillery war in Ukraine 0 nytimes
The Unlikely Ascent of New York’s Compost Champion 1 nytimes
'Democratic' jackdaws use noise to make decisions 0 bbc
Teenage girl traumatised after police strip-search, says mum 0 bbc
Netflix Fired Frank Langella. Was That the Right Thing to Do? 2 nytimes
Afghanistan: UK's withdrawal a disaster, inquiry concludes 0 bbc
How My Father, Ronald Reagan, Grappled With Abortion 1 nytimes
Anaheim Mayor Resigns as F.B.I. Investigates Angel Stadium Deal 0 nytimes
NI Protocol: Unilateral action 'will not work', say US politicians 0 bbc
In Rebirth for NATO, Europe Unites in Face of Putin’s Ambition 1 nytimes
Putin Rules Russia Like an Asylum 1 nytimes
Baby Formula Shortage Reveals Gaps in Regulation and Reporting 1 nytimes