News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Banksy: Bike from hula-hooping girl 'removed for safekeeping' 4 bbc
Studies of Darkness and Disguise at the Movies 0 nytimes
Racism within the Windrush compensation scheme 1 guardian
Giuliani, Once a Foe, Is Among First to Commemorate David Dinkins 2 nytimes
Trump accepts US presidency transition to Biden must begin 14 bbc
Metal monolith found by helicopter crew in Utah desert 0 bbc
UK coronavirus live: weekly Covid deaths exceed 2,000; Hancock gives evidence in front of MPs 0 guardian
Priceless Charles Darwin notebooks reported stolen from Cambridge library – 20 years after going missing 0 rtcom
France’s interior minister launches probe after ‘shocking images’ of police clearing migrant camp 0 rtcom
Want to Inherit the G.O.P.? Be Prepared to Dance Around the Truth 0 nytimes
The Transition Begins 0 nytimes
Lockerbie bombing: Court hears third appeal against guilty verdict 2 bbc
Covid-19: England arrivals to be able to cut quarantine with private test 4 bbc
Covid-19: Plan Christmas travel 'carefully', says Grant Shapps 2 bbc
Elon Musk overtakes Bill Gates to be world's second-richest person 3 guardian
Labour Party: Corbyn backers walk out of meeting in suspension row 0 bbc