News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Gay rights in Kenya: 'Why our fight isn't over' 0 bbc
Mount Agung: flights cancelled after Bali volcano erupts 0 guardian
Homeowners in England free to build bigger extensions 0 bbc
2020 Democrats on Impeachment: Where They Stand 2 nytimes
Race to be new UK prime minister begins 1 bbc
Man Convicted in Deadly Tennessee Church Shooting 0 nytimes
Josh Frydenberg: low-emissions future is inevitable and a huge opportunity 0 guardian
‘Heartbroken’: Weinstein Accusers Say $44 Million Settlement Lets Him Off the Hook 0 nytimes
'Huge threat to First Amendment': US seeks to intimidate reporters by indicting Assange – journalist 0 rtcom
Trump Administration Proposes Rollback of Transgender Protections 3 nytimes
Trump Circumvents Congress to Sell Weapons to Middle East Allies 4 nytimes
How to End the Child-Care Crisis 2 nytimes
Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Law 3 nytimes
Security Gap Leaves 885 Million Mortgage Documents Exposed 0 nytimes
English test students may have been wrongly accused, says watchdog 1 guardian
Canada Eyes a New Course on the Boeing 737 Max 0 nytimes