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Fund the NHS? Jeremy Corybn’s son opens National Hemp Service shop and café 0 rtcom
'A lot of the England team still haven't apologised': Eni Aluko on life after whistleblowing 0 guardian
HRT shortage leaves thousands of UK women without treatment 0 guardian
British Airways strike causes five days of flight cancellations 2 bbc
Hong Kong riot police beat protesters at anti-surveillance rally 2 guardian
Giraffes Get New Protections, but Will It Be Enough? 0 nytimes
Soap, Detergent and Even Laxatives Could Turbocharge a Battery Alternative 0 nytimes
Ford Workers Who Sued Over Sexual Harassment Face Setback 0 nytimes
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How Uber Got Lost 0 nytimes
Tainted Water, Ignored Warnings and a Boss With a Criminal Past 0 nytimes
One Crazy Day Showed How Political Chaos Threatens the World Economy 0 nytimes
First vape death in the US recorded in Illinois 3 bbc
Tehran Orders Crackdown as Wealthy Use Ambulances to Beat Traffic 1 nytimes
China releases British consulate worker detained at border 3 bbc
Greta Thunberg tells EU: your climate targets need doubling 3 guardian