News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Brexit: Theresa May should become mediator, says Sir John Major 4 bbc
Pipeline Erupts in Fiery Explosion in Mexico, Killing Many 4 nytimes
Wife of Former Interpol Chief Seeks Asylum in France 0 nytimes
‘Order! Order!’: Parliament Speaker Is Brexit’s Surprise Star and Villain 0 nytimes
Firewomen prove they exist to four-year-old Esme 2 bbc
The Women’s March Is Back, With Both Divisions and Much to Celebrate 2 nytimes
'Mistreated in prison, family kept in the dark' – ex-colleague of detained Iranian journalist to RT 2 rtcom
A reminder to men who only see their own pain – #MeToo is not about you 3 guardian
Israel launches waves of strikes across Gaza after soldier killed 2 guardian
UK car manufacturing output falls by a fifth as demand slumps 1 guardian
Leaked plan to sell Brexit deal: 'Measured success is the narrative' 1 guardian
Video shows off-duty Chicago police officer shooting unarmed autistic man 3 guardian
County Down: police name man shot dead in Warrenpoint 1 guardian
Joe Pooley river death: Ipswich man and woman bailed 0 bbc
Sophie Mirabella defamation case hears newspaper published 'fake news' 5 guardian
Letter: Ray Wilkins was a fine analyst as well as a fine footballer 2 guardian