News Article Title Version Source Discovered
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Typhoon Mangkhut: 100 people presumed dead after landslide 8 guardian
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Why I salute Southgate’s England – and not even through gritted teeth 1 guardian
Smokers forced to quit on their own after funding cuts 1 guardian
Argentina’s #MeToo Moment: Actress Shares Account of Assault 2 nytimes
Global debt hits all-time high of $184,000,000,000,000 0 rtcom
Family of soldier killed in live fire drill call MoD report flaw-ridden 2 guardian
Why has Trump stayed unusually quiet on US sanctions against Russia? 1 guardian
Lost Stanley Kubrick screenplay, Burning Secret, is found 60 years on 1 guardian
'Worst yet to come': 17 dead as North Carolina faces Florence flooding 11 guardian
Court rules Obamacare is unconstitutional 1 bbc
Big Oil CEOs needed a climate change reality check. The Pope delivered 2 guardian
New treatment for severe asthma cases gets go-ahead for use in NHS 1 guardian
Tesla workers say they pay the price for Elon Musk's big promises 1 guardian