News Article Title Version Source Discovered
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How a Legal Fight Over a $15,000 Tax Bill Could Upend the U.S. Tax Code 0 nytimes
A Whale Forecast for Fishermen 0 nytimes
UK likely to miss Paris climate targets by wide margin, analysis shows 0 guardian
Ofwat investigates whether Thames Water dividend is licensing breach 0 guardian
Special Forces at centre of Afghanistan war crimes inquiry, MoD confirms 4 bbc
Stop Whining, Mr. Santos. You Got a Fair Shake. 6 nytimes
Former NATO chief urges EU to resist China 1 rtcom
Dozens of independent abortion clinics closed in 2023 post-Roe, study finds 1 guardian
These Noise Cameras Put a Price on Peace: $2,500 for Loud Drivers 1 nytimes
US women’s magazine shares advice on ‘Satanic abortion ceremony’ 2 rtcom
In a Place Called Little Palestine, People Feel Afraid. And Forgotten. 1 nytimes
U.A.W. Widens Strikes at G.M. and Stellantis, but Cites Progress in Ford Talks 8 nytimes
Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year Is … ‘Rizz’ 3 nytimes