News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Panicking About Your Kids’ Phones? New Research Says Don’t 2 nytimes
Labour leadership: Rebecca Long-Bailey pledges to return power to voters 4 bbc
Mother bled to death after childbirth 'due to medical staff failings' 1 guardian
Trump’s Evil Is Contagious 1 nytimes
Pressured by Simmons Over Film, Oprah Winfrey Was Caught in a Bind 1 nytimes
A Common Charger for All Phones? The European Union Is on the Case 1 nytimes
Chris Collins Won a 4th House Term While Indicted. Can He Avoid a Prison Term? 1 nytimes
Conner Marshall inquest: Killer's probation worker was 'overwhelmed' 3 bbc
U.S. to Issue Bigger Bonds as Deficit Swells 1 nytimes
Australian natural disasters minister's complete about face: 'I believe in climate science' 1 guardian
Harvey Weinstein case: Jury picked for New York rape trial 0 bbc
Betfred owner linked to firm that advises people struggling with high debt 0 guardian
Alan Dershowitz Adds Trump to the List of His High-Profile Clients 0 nytimes
$8 Billion Verdict in Drug Lawsuit Is Reduced to $6.8 Million 0 nytimes
Ninez Cacho-Olivares, Journalist and Critic of Marcos, Dies at 78 0 nytimes
Passengers at 3 major US airports to be screened for deadly Chinese VIRUS 0 rtcom