News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Google promises better ‘water stewardship’ as its data centers’ guzzle crucial supplies amid historic droughts 1 rtcom
Why does every new US president always try to outdo their predecessor in boosting the debt? RT’s Boom Bust explores… 3 rtcom
Lithuania declares emergency, appeals to EU over ‘flood’ of Iraqi migrants from Belarus 2 rtcom
Turkey will continue exploratory gas drilling in eastern Mediterranean – Erdogan 2 rtcom
For India and Pakistan, Cricket Is Never Just a Game 1 nytimes
Missouri legislative committee condemned after hearing on teaching of critical race theory featured NO black particip... 2 rtcom
High global demand sends Russian Urals crude oil price soaring 2 rtcom
Canada approves Pfizer vaccine for children aged 12-15 after trial shows 100% efficacy in young teenagers 2 rtcom
Sleep researchers observe human minds ‘saving’ memories in real time 2 rtcom
‘This is why Americans don’t trust media’: CNN’s Cuomo ripped for claiming he ‘obviously’ can’t cover brother’s scandals 2 rtcom
Newspaper headlines: 'Hollywood horror' and 'sluggish booster jab campaign' 2 bbc
Coronavirus live: UK expert fears lockdown Christmas; vaccines alone not enough to curb variants – WHO 5 guardian
What are President Biden's challenges at the border? 7 bbc
UK PM’s decision to back Home Secretary over ‘bullying’ inquiry findings can be challenged in court, hearing rules 2 rtcom
Riot cop visits hospital to apologize to woman he kicked in stomach during intense protests in St. Petersburg 2 rtcom
WHO fact-finding mission: Animal source of Covid-19 still unidentified, Wuhan laboratory leak ‘extremely unlikely’ 2 rtcom