News Article Title Version Source Discovered
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Helping Those in Need 3 nytimes
Biden Campaign Raises $71.3 Million, Far Outpacing Trump and Republican Field 2 nytimes
White House Warns Ukraine Aid Is Running Out, Pressing Congress for More 12 nytimes
New Rwanda asylum treaty deals with Supreme Court concerns, says James Cleverly 2 bbc
Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after woman stabbed in Welsh village of Aberfan 8 guardian
Under Pressure, English National Opera Will Move to Manchester 1 nytimes
Nearly Everyone Gets A’s at Yale. Does That Cheapen the Grade? 1 nytimes
How Trump Would Govern 2 nytimes
More good intentions from Thames Water but where’s the owners’ new capital? 1 guardian
Podcasters Took Up Her Sister’s Murder Investigation. Then They Turned on Her. 2 nytimes
Short-staffed sectors in UK respond to measures to cut net migration 1 guardian
There Is a Better Way to Pick a Presidential Nominee 3 nytimes
Sandra Day O’Connor Told a Truth About Marriage That Few Others Dared To 3 nytimes