News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Storm Deirdre set to ease after high winds and blizzards wreak havoc 0 guardian
Ancient tales are back in fashion – for telling it like it is 1 guardian
Six women file class-action lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein and 'complicit producers' 5 guardian
California poised to be first state to require solar panels on new homes 1 guardian
As California burns, many fear the future of extreme fire has arrived 4 guardian
Peterborough 'four-pint milk bottle' acid burglary duo jailed 2 bbc
Who's Paul Kelly kidding? The churches don't need any more protection against LGBTI rights 6 guardian
Labor fails to commit to Newstart increase despite promising voters a 'fair go' – live 14 guardian
Australian hemp growers fight for right to supply cosmetics and pet food industries 5 guardian
Begging your kids to eat doesn’t make a a shred of difference 3 guardian
Trump doubles Turkish tariffs as lira plunges to record lows - as it happened 6 guardian
Delhi's air pollution is now so bad it is literally off the chart 1 guardian
The Observer view on why the only sensible option for Britain is a second vote 0 guardian
Steve Bannon and his bedroom badinage 0 guardian
Expediency trumps justice when it comes to our MPs 0 guardian
We could all do with being a little less sure of ourselves 0 guardian