News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Hurricane Eta lashes Nicaragua - BBC Weather 63 bbc
US expands sanctions against Nord Stream 2 project, targeting ships & Russian firms 2 rtcom
Brexit: UK-Ireland lorry traffic at Holyhead port slumps 2 bbc
Coronavirus live news: China builds quarantine centre for 4,000 people; Germany extends lockdown 32 guardian
When British politics strikes at the heart 0 guardian
Schools could reopen sooner in some parts of England, medical chief says 4 guardian
Cat travels 24 miles from Dorset to Wiltshire birthplace 1 bbc
Sheffield flat fire: Woman catches baby lowered to safety 1 bbc
Covid: Politicians drank on Senedd premises despite booze ban 1 bbc
Covid: UK records new daily high of 1,610 deaths 1 bbc
Janet Yellen says Biden must 'act big' with coronavirus relief package 0 guardian
Scientists closer to finding motor neurone disease cure after discovering how to repair damaged nerve cells – study 0 rtcom
Open letter calls for publishing boycott of Trump administration memoirs 0 guardian
Protecting workers’ rights is the key post-Brexit task 0 guardian
Brexit was a typically English revolution – one that left the elites unharmed 0 guardian
Even in a Moscow jail, Alexei Navalny is dangerous to Putin 0 guardian