News Article Title Version Source Discovered
German defense ministry uses ‘1234’ as password 0 rtcom
Poland signs arms deal with Sweden 0 rtcom
Galloway win makes Workers party a focus for far-left challenges to Labour 0 guardian
UK urges Germany to give long-range missiles to Kyiv despite Luftwaffe leak 0 guardian
Covid inquiry: Local lockdowns failed, said Drakeford 4 bbc
US Supreme Court rules Colorado cannot ban Trump from presidential ballot 1 bbc
I’m a trans person who edits children’s books. The culture wars engulf me on all sides 1 guardian
Haiti’s weekend of violence puts government future in doubt 1 guardian
Wedding photographer at centre of row with vicars calls for truce 1 guardian
Oprah’s Ozempic brouhaha shows technology advances faster than attitudes 1 guardian
Brit Awards: Greg James ticket couple describe 'whirlwind' 3 bbc
Liberals pick management consultant Simon Kennedy for Cook byelection 1 guardian
Caitlin Clark saluted by LeBron James for breaking college basketball record 0 bbc
Why Macron hopes abortion rights are a political winner 0 bbc
State of emergency declared after massive jailbreak in Haiti 0 rtcom
Screen time robs average toddler of hearing 1,000 words spoken by adult a day, study finds 1 guardian