News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Revealed: the Romanian site where Louis Vuitton makes its Italian shoes 1 guardian
US asylum seekers fleeing from Trump to Canada stuck in legal limbo 0 rtcom
Donald Trump and Narendra Modi warn Pakistan over terror 'launches' 5 bbc
Donald Trump, Theresa May, Angela Merkel: Your Tuesday Briefing 1 nytimes
Theresa May's DUP-Tory deal criticised as 'shabby and reckless' 0 bbc
China accuses India of border incursion 1 bbc
E.P.A. Official Pressured Scientist on Congressional Testimony, Emails Show 1 nytimes
Monsanto battle: California to add glyphosate to its cancer-causing chemicals list 0 rtcom
Nancy Pelosi, Washington’s Latest Wicked Witch 1 nytimes
My owl nest box has finally attracted a tenant 0 guardian
US warns Syria over 'potential' plan for chemical attack 4 bbc
With Crowding in U.S. Market, Activist Investors Look to Europe 0 nytimes
Donald Trump, Theresa May, Angela Merkel: Your Tuesday Briefing 0 nytimes
Seattle’s minimum wage hike costing low-wage workers $125/month – study 0 rtcom
California’s Waterfix: Feds determine no endangered species jeopardized, approve Delta water tunnels 0 rtcom
Pharmacy exec gets 9yr prison sentence over 2012 meningitis outbreak 0 rtcom