News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Michel Temer, Brazil’s Deeply Unpopular President, Signals Run for a New Term 0 nytimes
‘No way’ nerve agent could escape UK lab? Russia demands info on Porton Down toxin research 0 rtcom
Students Lead Huge Rallies for Gun Control Across the U.S. 2 nytimes
Who sent the wedding gift bomb that killed this newlywed? 0 bbc
Obituary: The 9/11 rescuers who died a day apart, 17 years on 0 bbc
We learn nothing about nutrition, claim medical students 0 bbc
NHS: Over 3,000 more midwifery training places offered 0 bbc
Boat Race disrupted by protesters demanding Oxford and Cambridge divest from fossil fuels 0 independent
March for Our Lives: 'The world is on our side' 3 bbc
Brexit: Vote Leave campaign group 'cheated' to bend referendum spending rules, whistleblower claims 1 independent
Bill Shorten asks Turnbull to intervene and prevent changes to Tasmanian gun laws 0 guardian
Marchers across the US united in plan for pro-gun politicians: 'Vote them out' 0 guardian
Demonstrators Who Brought Guns and an Opposing Message 0 nytimes
General election: What you need to know 28 bbc
‘Done Hiding’: Students Lead Huge Rallies for Gun Control Across the U.S. 1 nytimes
‘America First’ Bears a New Threat: Military Force 2 nytimes