News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Clear evidence Russia interfered in 2015 UK election, says former Labour minister 0 independent
Contradicting Trump on Russia: Russian Officials 1 nytimes
Nigel Farage calls Swedish city ‘rape capital of Europe’ in show of solidarity with Trump 0 rtcom
Lavrov on Churkin’s death: We walked through life side by side 0 rtcom
Christopher Halliwell's former Swindon home searched 3 bbc
Trump plans to greatly expand number of immigrants targeted for deportation 1 guardian
Kaci Kullmann Five, Head of Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Dies at 65 3 nytimes
Dutch MPs vote to approve cannabis cultivation for first time 0 bbc
Brighouse Ritz told to change name by London Ritz hotel 0 bbc
Muslim teacher Juhel Miah denied entry to US 'not given reason' 1 bbc
Wolverhampton gurdwara to remove screens separating worshippers 1 bbc
UKIP leader Paul Nuttall gives Hillsborough statement 1 bbc
Heterosexual couple lose civil partnership challenge 8 bbc
Families await supreme court verdict on income rules for spouse visas 0 guardian
Sage bosses pay vote to test City's temperature on reform 0 independent
Runaway cow sparks chaos in New York City 0 independent