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Poland won’t engage with Israeli politicians who ‘insult’ the country – Deputy FM 0 rtcom
Bill to Set Terms on Voting Rights for Ex-Felons Is Approved by Florida House Panel 1 nytimes
The Evolution of ISIS: From a Rogue State to a Tiny Sliver 0 nytimes
Border Patrol Facilities in Texas Are Overflowing, Prompting Mass Releases in Border Cities 0 nytimes
CSIRO promises review after profiting from diet pill that was not 'clinically validated' 0 guardian
The Evolution of ISIS: From a Rogue State to a Tiny Sliver 1 nytimes
The Case for Expunging Criminal Records 0 nytimes
Trump’s Misleading Claims on John McCain, Tanks and G.D.P. Growth 0 nytimes
India’s most wanted fugitive arrested in UK, is denied bail and now faces extradition hearing 0 rtcom
New Zealand asks: how was the threat from the far right missed? 2 guardian
Hertfordshire County Council auctioned art 'lost forever' 0 bbc
Amputee housed in Travelodge by Cornwall Council 0 bbc
'No consent' for teeth removal op on woman who later died 0 bbc
HMP Onley: 'Little done' over jail's London gangs 0 bbc
Council tax increase: Why am I paying the police so much? 0 bbc
Sky New Zealand stops airing Sky News Australia after Christchurch massacre coverage 4 guardian