News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Mike Johnson moves ahead with foreign aid bills despite threats to oust him 2 guardian
Africa Live: Anger as Sierra Leone cities remain in the dark for weeks - BBC News 50 bbc
Police bust global cyber gang accused of industrial-scale fraud 1 bbc
The trials of SBF and DJT: Trump isn’t clean on crypto but he did warn us about it 2 guardian
First Nations boy, 10, dies in apparent suicide while in state care in Western Australia 2 guardian
EU to tighten Iran sanctions after Israel attack 0 bbc
Mike Johnson aid bills: what is the US speaker’s plan for Ukraine and Israel, and will it pass Congress? 0 guardian
Starmer can’t dodge the Europe question for ever. In office, the economy will answer it for him 0 guardian
Khan vows to set up ‘baby banks’ in every London borough if re-elected mayor 0 guardian
Tommy Hunter: Dad's tribute to son who died in suspected hit-and-run 1 bbc
How are we to understand the pervasive journalistic arrogance of the Bruce Lehrmann imbroglio? 1 guardian
African news updates from the BBC - BBC News 49 bbc
Croatia’s ruling conservatives win most seats in election, but without majority 0 guardian
The West says China makes too much. Its workers disagree 2 bbc
Sydney church stabbing: Religious community tensions run high 1 bbc
Clean energy’s dirty secret: the trail of waste left by India’s solar power boom 0 guardian