News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Elite prison squad deployed to jails 580 times last year 2 guardian
Sajid Javid says Jeremy Corbyn 'wrong to sack Sarah Champion' 6 guardian
Christie ends term as first New Jersey governor to not break a leg in 25 years 1 guardian
Northern Ireland judge rejects two challenges to same-sex marriage ban 2 guardian
​Lubaina Himid becomes oldest artist to win Turner prize 4 guardian
The Guardian view on Capita’s woes: another warning of a system in crisis 4 guardian
I was Catalan, Spanish and European. But Mariano Rajoy has changed all that 2 guardian
‘Guilt – even innocent guilt – is an evil thing’: how soldiers struggle to cope when they come home 2 guardian
Serious Fraud Office opens investigation into BAT bribery claims 4 guardian
One love, one aim … finding the best way to donate to victims of the terror attacks 2 guardian
A fairer Australia can help stave off populist backlash, Labor frontbencher says 4 guardian
Country diary: the air is heavy with the scent of ripe apples 2 guardian
'Assassination attempt' at home of senior opposition leader in Kenya 4 guardian
Losers weepers? Readers share stories of lost property honesty … and greed 2 guardian
Global economy at risk a decade on from financial crisis, says WEF 2 guardian
Trump Promotes Arming Teachers, but Rejects Active Shooter Drills 7 nytimes