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Israel embassy move: Morrison says there's no evidence 'at this time' of planned violence 0 guardian
Theresa May 'losing support of colleagues' over Brexit concessions 0 guardian
In pictures: 'Eye of Istanbul' photographer Ara Guler dies at 90 0 bbc
Your US mid-term elections daily digest 0 bbc
M40 crash: Wrong-way smash car 'crashed days before' 0 bbc
UK retail sales in steepest drop since March 0 bbc
Orange Is The New Black to end with series seven 1 bbc
Cobalt Air warns passengers that all flights are cancelled 2 guardian
Brexit: UK to consider longer transition period 7 bbc
US opposes Koreas’ plan for no-fly zone over border – report 0 rtcom
‘Nothing decided’ on Brexit transition extension, France says as UK’s May ‘considering’ EU proposal 0 rtcom
London Paddington station's train services return to near-normal 1 guardian
Welsh parents owe thousands in school dinner debts 0 bbc
Kleenex bins 'Mansize' tissues 1 bbc
Key suspect in Jamal Khashoggi case worked at Australian medical institute 1 guardian
UK retail sales slide as shoppers buy less food after summer splurge - business live 0 guardian