News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Criticism of Bank over Brexit should end unless impropriety is proved 2 guardian
Cuba congress says state's 'obsolete mentality' is holding back economy 1 guardian
Brussels steel summit fails to find answer to oversupply problem 2 guardian
Man accused in bomb plot at Heathrow gets 40 years for al-Qaida support 1 guardian
Green presidential candidate Jill Stein visits Louisiana flood victims 1 rtcom
Italian newspaper under fire for giving away copies of Mein Kampf 1 guardian
USWNT's stellar roster shows why they go to Olympics as favorites 2 guardian
Chris Grayling shares platform with Nigel Farage to denounce EU 2 guardian
UK construction sector slips into recession for first time in four years 3 guardian
Why is the pound falling and what are the implications for Britain? 3 guardian
Peter Dutton: no appeal against abortion ruling on pregnant asylum seeker 2 guardian
Deposed Country Liberals leader to fight Northern Territory election as independent 3 guardian
How Brexit has already changed Britain two months after the EU referendum 2 independent
Powerful Earthquakes in Italy Kill Dozens and Shatter Towns 2 nytimes
Gawker Media files for bankruptcy in wake of costly Hulk Hogan lawsuit 2 guardian
UK’s new immigration system may not be points-based, says minister 2 guardian