News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Brexit: PM under fire over new Brexit plan 2 bbc
Morrison government on track for majority with 78 seats – as it happened 17 guardian
I.R.S. Memo Undercuts Mnuchin on Withholding Trump’s Tax Returns 1 nytimes
Andy Beshear Wins Democratic Primary for Kentucky Governor 4 nytimes
Pacific leaders urge Scott Morrison to act on climate emergency following election win 0 guardian
Airline Involved in 2 Deadly Alaska Crashes Suspends Operations, Officials Say 1 nytimes
The Fusion Reactor Next Door 1 nytimes
Did Aretha Franklin Leave Her Will Under the Couch Cushion? 1 nytimes
John Walker Lindh, Known as the ‘American Taliban,’ Is Set to Leave Federal Prison This Week 1 nytimes
Russian anti-gay orthodox tycoon boils in giant kettle, shares VIDEO 0 rtcom
Newark Police Officer Is Charged in Shooting Death of Fleeing Driver 2 nytimes
Are nets to stop swallows nesting any way to treat the natural world? 1 guardian
British Steel future hanging in the balance 1 bbc
Democratic Calls for Impeachment Inquiry Grow as Leaders Instead Vow to Toughen Tactics 7 nytimes
Indonesia riots: protesters clash with security forces over election result 1 guardian
Louisiana senate passes anti-abortion bill in latest attack on women's rights 2 guardian