News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Independence campaigners gather for Glasgow march 0 bbc
Former Devon Royal Marine Duncan Potts dies in Alps fall 0 bbc
Pregnant women told to delay Florida travel over Zika virus fears 1 guardian
Three Pokémon Go players robbed of phones at gunpoint in London 0 guardian
Ireland jails three top bankers for 'deceitful and corrupt' actions in 2008 financial crisis 0 independent
Belgian police arrest brothers after foiling new terror attack plot 0 independent
Police steps up security at Amsterdam airport after threat - authorities 1 rtcom
Belgium arrests over planned attacks 0 bbc
Reports of multiple shooting at party near Seattle, police operation underway 0 rtcom
Words With (I Wish We Were More Than) Friends 0 nytimes
Syria civil war: Russia and Assad regime blamed for air strikes that killed two at maternity hospital in Idlib province 0 independent
Husband's job could determine whether a marriage will end in divorce 0 independent
Tokyo's ill-tempered election 1 bbc
Florida Zika cases prompt UK advice for pregnant travellers 2 bbc
Donald Trump says he's 'taking the gloves off' as party conventions wrap 1 guardian
3-year-old Alexis Haney climbed into the washing machine and died. Then, her mother was arrested. 0 independent