News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Chicago hospital shooting: police officer among three killed 2 guardian
Birdbrainy: New Caledonian crows make tools using mental images 3 guardian
Quiz: who should have won Trump's most dishonest and corrupt media awards? 7 guardian
Have I been ghosted? You asked Google – here’s the answer 3 guardian
XXXTentacion’s brutal life points to the problem with UK drug policy 4 guardian
So now the government wants non-EU doctors for the NHS? What hypocrites 2 guardian
New Yorkers won't give up the fight to stop Amazon colonising our city 2 guardian
Theresa May prepares to face biggest threat to date: the Tory party 3 guardian
Berta Cáceres: seven men convicted of murdering Honduran environmentalist 9 guardian
Australia's summer outlook: soaring temperatures and bushfire risk 2 guardian
Hunt has 'constructive' call with UAE counterpart over jailed academic 5 guardian
England players not consulted over Wayne Rooney’s farewell appearance 2 guardian
May’s Brexit deal quietly gambles with our rights at work 3 guardian
Labour's disputes panel chair resigns over antisemitism case 6 guardian
Theresa May rules out Norway-style Brexit compromise with Labour 3 guardian
Exit polls point to landslide vote to relax Irish abortion laws 10 guardian