News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Irish referendums: Voters reject changes to family and care definition 8 bbc
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NHS: Is Wales worse than England for waiting lists? 2 bbc
Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden: Murder suspect loses council re-election bid in Australia 4 bbc
How rental ‘libraries of things’ have become the new way to save money 1 guardian
Nigel Farage rules out standing in general election 2 bbc
Endometriosis: 'I thought I'd never get to have a Mother's Day' 1 bbc
Teddington: Water samples to be taken after concerns of possible sewage 1 bbc
Boy and man charged with attempted murder after Sheffield stabbing 1 bbc
Lewisham: Investigation under way after man shot dead 1 bbc
HMP Lowdham Grange: Government to permanently take over running prison 2 bbc
General election 2024 poll tracker: How do the parties compare? 12 bbc
How significant is Spain, Norway and Ireland’s recognition of Palestinian state? 4 guardian
‘Sorry, no one is in’: few are at home for Margaret Hodge’s ‘kleptocracy walking tour’ 1 guardian
No Rwanda flights before election, says Rishi Sunak 3 bbc
Scottish parliament to suspend ex-minister who claimed £11,000 roaming bill on expenses 1 guardian