News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Banksy cardboard protest placard up for auction 1 bbc
Thousands of small businesses still waiting for rate relief three months after Government budget promise 0 independent
Donald Trump hits back at Angela Merkel with ominous warning for Germany 0 independent
Nicola Sturgeon promises second independence referendum: 'There is too much at stake for Brexit to be imposed on Scot... 0 independent
Cawdery double murder: Accused appears in court 2 bbc
New York Today: Memorializing, After Memorial Day 1 nytimes
Iraq conflict: Baghdad ice cream parlour hit by suicide attack 2 bbc
Jeremy Corbyn struggles over cost of childcare policy 3 bbc
Australia plans to revoke convicted pedophiles’ passports to prevent ‘child-sex tourism’ 0 rtcom
‘Hillary should’ve learnt to tell truth’: Mother of slain Benghazi attack victim to RT 0 rtcom
‘Turn for the worse’: Russian envoy blasts NATO’s latest steps in Europe 0 rtcom
Election 2017: SNP manifesto calls for referendum 'at end of Brexit process' 5 bbc
'Solution' found for Paris black feminist Nyansapo festival 0 bbc
Manuel Noriega obituary 0 guardian
Corbyn unable to give cost of childcare pledge in interview 0 guardian
Angela Merkel again says 'Europe must take fate into own hands' and step up as diplomatic player 0 independent