News Article Title Version Source Discovered
As Adams Plots City’s Future, He Leans on a Past Mayor: Bloomberg 1 nytimes
New York Pledges $27 Million to Help Undocumented Immigrants Hit by Ida 1 nytimes
Angela Merkel Was Underestimated, and It Became Her Superpower 2 nytimes
Petrol supply: Army put on standby to ease fuel crisis 2 bbc
American Siblings Barred From Leaving China for 3 Years Return to U.S. 1 nytimes
Miami’s Embattled Top Cop Compared City Leaders to Cuban Dictators 1 nytimes
Man Who Blackmailed Girls to Send Explicit Images Is Sentenced to 20 Years 0 nytimes
A.C.L.U. Apologizes for Tweet That Altered Quote by Justice Ginsburg 0 nytimes
Australia Covid live news update: NSW records 863 cases, seven deaths; Victoria 867 cases, four deaths; Byron and Twe... 8 guardian
Canada plans overhaul of language rights, making bilingualism mandatory for top judges and prioritizing French in Quebec 1 rtcom
Despite not meeting key criteria for European Union accession, Ukraine’s President Zelensky says country will join bl... 1 rtcom
Almost all Spanish nursing home residents have received two Covid doses as Madrid says state on track with vaccine ro... 1 rtcom
The Secret War Over Pentagon Aid in Fighting Wildfires 1 nytimes
Republicans Block Government Funding, Refusing to Lift Debt Limit 2 nytimes
Finding Memories, and Mom’s Sewing Stuff, in a Reused Cookie Tin 1 nytimes
Ford announces $11.4bn investment in electric vehicle plants 2 bbc