News Article Title Version Source Discovered
NHS charging rules: Doctors and nurses accuse Government of ‘deliberate cruelty’ with upfront payments and ID checks 1 independent
Grenfell Tower fire: UK insurers consider raising premiums on high rise tower blocks 1 independent
Mark Cuban says he is thinking of running against Donald Trump in 2020 0 independent
Low-income Northern Irish women seeking NHS abortions to receive government travel grants 0 independent
Isis kills 128 civilians in 'revenge' surprise counter attack on Syrian town 3 independent
Theresa May warns she will reject Brexit transition if UK has failed to strike long-term EU trade deal 1 independent
Art Lurks in an Unlikely Place for Mary Kelly: the Dryer 1 nytimes
Russian soldier shoots four dead at Chechnyan barracks 1 independent
Price-Fixing Inquiry Moves From BMW to Daimler and Volkswagen 1 nytimes
Airborne walnut particles linked to Canadian man's death 0 bbc
FBI failed to access 7,000 encrypted mobile devices 0 bbc
Possible serial killer 'terrorising' Florida neighbourhood 0 bbc
Israeli president accuses Netanyahu and allies of endangering democracy 0 guardian
Trump's call for Chinese dissident to be deported based on Beijing letter: report 0 guardian
Theresa May drags herself in for ritual update on lack of Brexit progress 0 guardian
RBS may face further action by financial regulator 6 bbc