News Article Title Version Source Discovered
UK weather: rare freezing rain and black ice to test Christmas shoppers 2 guardian
Reasons to worry? Trump endures turbulent week – with signs of worse to come 0 guardian
'It gives you hope': the fight to save the fertility of children with cancer 0 guardian
China crisis: Macrons under fire in France over cost of new plates 2 guardian
Linton railings crash escape leaves police 'speechless' 0 bbc
Youth who fled Taliban held with adults after disputed 'pseudoscience' age test 4 guardian
Obamacare: Texas court rules key health law is unconstitutional 3 bbc
Severn bridges: Work begins to remove M4 toll booths 5 bbc
Delays and spiralling costs hamper MoJ's digital courts project 1 guardian
Government plans to tackle mental health crisis 'will fail a generation' 1 guardian
Dozens injured in Lisbon tram crash 0 guardian
Investigative journalist shot and injured in Montenegro 2 guardian
Merkel coalition at risk as talks on refugee policy falter 4 guardian
'Sick to my stomach': dolphin and penguins locked in derelict Japan aquarium 2 guardian
Trump names new acting chief of staff 2 bbc
Katowice UN climate talks extended due to sticking points 1 bbc