News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Agents’ Off-the-Books Account Broke A.T.F. Rules, Memo Indicates 0 nytimes
Mistrial declared again after jury deadlocks in Cincinnati cop’s murder retrial 0 rtcom
Homeland Security drops anti-Nazi group from counter-extremism program 0 rtcom
Camden flats: Hundreds of homes evacuated over fire risk fears 8 bbc
Scott Johnson inquest: police beat confessions out of me, says witness 1 guardian
Five London tower blocks evacuated over cladding safety fears 7 guardian
White House Correspondents Unhappy With Limits on News Briefings 3 nytimes
Lake Chad: The faces of the world's 'silent emergency' 0 bbc
U.N. to Investigate Reports of Government-Backed Slaughter in Congo 0 nytimes
How Medicaid Works, and Who It Covers 0 nytimes
The Resistance Now: activists say 'hell no' to Republican healthcare bill 0 guardian
When Shots Ring Out From One Ball Field, a Times Reporter Practicing on Another Races to Cover Them 1 nytimes
Republican Senator Vital to Health Bill’s Passage Won’t Support It 4 nytimes
Bill Cosby wants to teach us? 0 washpo
Ancient human remains discovered at site of 7,000yo village (PHOTO) 0 rtcom
Saudi Security Forces Intercept Militants Plotting Mecca Attack 1 nytimes