News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Pakistan police launch murder probe into Samia Shahid death 3 bbc
PTSD more likely to affect people in affluent countries, scientists say 1 guardian
UK GDP growth surprisingly picks up to 0.6 per cent in second quarter of 2016 4 independent
Giant 1.2 metre wide dinosaur footprint discovered in Bolivia 0 bbc
Calls for Coventry race row councillor Glenn Williams to resign 0 bbc
Luciana Berger: Man admits sending Labour MP death threats 0 bbc
Field post: 'Honduras has one of the world's highest rates of urban violence' 0 guardian
Oil rig, dead ahead! Could offshore platforms become the new cruise trend? 0 guardian
Fireman Sam Qur'an row gets alarm bells ringing at BBC 0 guardian
Owen Smith pledges to end austerity in radical pitch to Labour's left 0 guardian
Owen Smith criticised for remark about 'smashing May back on her heels' 0 guardian
Scottish independence protesters ordered to close Holyrood camp 0 guardian
Chinese Court Sentences American Publisher to Prison 0 nytimes
MH370: Missing jet 'could be further north' 1 bbc
Can the EU persuade the UK to change its mind on Brexit? 1 guardian
Hillary Clinton named presidential nominee as Democrats make history 3 guardian