News Article Title Version Source Discovered
UK accused of 'green Brexit hypocrisy' over regulation of suspected carcinogen 1 guardian
El Chapo and the men who live by rules shaped by the blood of feuds 0 guardian
The possibility of redemption is central to a humane society 0 guardian
Land Mines Block Saudi-led Assault in Yemen, Killing Civilians 0 nytimes
Macron condemns antisemitic abuse during gilets jaunes Paris protest 1 guardian
Mrs May and Mr Corbyn are complicit in Britain’s drift towards disaster 0 guardian
Did Henry VI have a sex coach in his marriage bed? 0 guardian
Labour green group urges Corbyn to back second Brexit vote 0 guardian
Health and rail plans sidelined ahead of Brexit deadline 0 guardian
Heather Nauert withdraws bid to be US envoy to UN 2 bbc
Venezuela crisis: US planes carrying aid arrive in Colombia 5 bbc
Merkel’s spokesman backpedals on her suggestion that Russia is behind kids’ protest after outrage 0 rtcom
Passengers seek flights after Flybmi ceases operations 2 bbc
The collapse of Isis will inflame the regional power struggle 0 guardian
Agonising hunt by US father for children trapped in Isis enclave 0 guardian
The Catholic church is still making excuses for paedophilia 0 guardian