News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after woman stabbed in Welsh village of Aberfan 7 guardian
Dealing with the rise of the far right in Europe 0 guardian
Under Pressure, English National Opera Will Move to Manchester 0 nytimes
Nearly Everyone Gets A’s at Yale. Does That Cheapen the Grade? 0 nytimes
More good intentions from Thames Water but where’s the owners’ new capital? 0 guardian
Short-staffed sectors in UK respond to measures to cut net migration 0 guardian
How Trump Would Govern 1 nytimes
Major Pro-Palestinian March Staged in London as Police Ramp Up Security 14 nytimes
Johnson Pitches Bill to Avert Government Shutdown That Faces an Uncertain Fate 3 nytimes
Gaza Hospitals Near Collapse as Fighting Rages Nearby 4 nytimes
There Is a Better Way to Pick a Presidential Nominee 2 nytimes
Sandra Day O’Connor Told a Truth About Marriage That Few Others Dared To 2 nytimes
Podcasters Took Up Her Sister’s Murder Investigation. Then They Turned on Her. 1 nytimes
Rupert Soames named as next president of CBI as it tries to rebrand 1 guardian
Nigeria’s President Calls for Inquiry After Military Strike Kills at Least 85 Civilians 2 nytimes
What It Takes to Save the Axolotl 4 nytimes