News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Hull Parkrun: Record race turnout for city event founder 0 bbc
The Sexts of Jeff Bezos and the Death of Privacy 2 nytimes
For Trump, the Political Is the Personal 0 nytimes
1000s of police on guard as Yellow Vests hit streets in France for 10th week in a row 3 rtcom
MPs urge banks to end 'alpha male culture' to close gender pay gap 1 guardian
Britain needs gender equality quotas now, Fawcett Society says 2 guardian
Unilever board cannot wash its hands of Rotterdam HQ mistake 4 guardian
Don't ask! Why do new mothers find it so hard to ask for help? 2 guardian
'A human rights crisis': US accused of failing to protect citizens from gun violence 4 guardian
Sicilian police charge five men over trafficking of women in Ragusa 2 guardian
Indigenous voice to parliament given new momentum at Barunga hearings 2 guardian
Nearly 40,000 giraffe parts have been imported to the US in last 10 years 2 guardian
To have a chance in the next elections, the Liberals must close the gender gap 2 guardian
Winter Storm Wallops Midwest and Is Expected to Worsen as It Moves East 0 nytimes
Activists face jail time & $500 fine for dropping supplies to migrants in wildlife refuge 0 rtcom
'You will be responsible': a mother's warning is unheeded on Nauru 4 guardian