News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Top 10 countries the super-rich call home 0 rtcom
Windrush generation tell of holidays that led to exile and heartbreak 4 guardian
Nicaragua police beat journalists, reports 0 bbc
Birmingham six-death crash 'ruined every Christmas' 0 bbc
US confirms end to funding for UN Palestinian refugees 4 guardian
Donald Trump to visit Ireland and France in November 1 guardian
Bus driver disciplined for asking Muslim woman to remove veil 1 guardian
Argentina’s women have not been beaten on abortion – change will come 2 guardian
Man accused of Jay Sewell murder, in Eltham, London 0 bbc
Palestinian forces accused of 'vicious' response to protests 1 guardian
Labor spruiks environmental message as anti-Adani protest grows – live 11 guardian
Pete Davidson of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Is Accounted For After a Worrying Instagram Post 4 nytimes
US inmates claim retaliation by prison officials as result of multi-state strike 1 guardian
Call for Gove to give evidence over school abuse case claims 2 guardian
‘Superhero of justice’ or PR stunt? Cash rained down on poor Hong Kong neighborhood (VIDEOS) 0 rtcom
Norway trials free heroin prescriptions for most serious addicts 2 guardian