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China’s debt tops 300% of GDP, constituting 15% of all global debt – report 0 rtcom
League’s decision not to back von der Leyen risks isolating Italy, Deputy PM Di Maio says 0 rtcom
Schumer, DNC up in arms over face manipulation app created by ‘the Russians’ 0 rtcom
Good News for Shinzo Abe: Japan’s Young Voters Lean Right, if They Vote at All 0 nytimes
US briefing: Trump crowd chants 'send her back', Puerto Rico and Kevin Spacey 0 guardian
What I've learned as a nurse watching people die in remote rural Scotland 0 guardian
David Gauke urges MoJ successor to scrap short prison sentences 0 guardian
Netflix Loses U.S. Subscribers as Price Increases Take a Toll 7 nytimes
'Like Corporal Jones ... running around like idiots' - EU commissioner ridicules UK's Brexit negotiators - live news 3 guardian
Puerto Rico police clash with protesters against governor's homophobic texts 1 guardian
No-deal Brexit will cause UK recession, says fiscal watchdog 2 bbc
New drivers could be banned from driving at night, ministers say 3 bbc
Chandrayaan-2: India announces new date for Moon mission 1 bbc
We Need a Separate Visa to Protect L.G.B.T.Q. Asylum Seekers 0 nytimes
Puerto Ricans in Protests Say They’ve Had Enough 1 nytimes
El Chapo’s Prosecution Has Fueled the Drug War in Mexico 4 nytimes