News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Homeless boy fears Santa will not find him at Christmas 5 bbc
Why US economy is powering ahead of Europe's 2 bbc
Driver calls 999 to report himself for drink-driving in Knaresborough 1 bbc
Trump lawyer gives jurors reasons to acquit – key takeaways from the closing arguments 4 guardian
The US must recognize Palestine as a state. It’s time to look to the future, not the past 0 guardian
Austria lowered the voting age for young people like me, and transformed politics. The UK should do the same 0 guardian
Ohio real estate tycoon plans to take new submersible to Titanic wreck 0 guardian
Lucy Letby inquiry should be heard in public, judge rules 0 guardian
Orange juice makers consider using other fruits after prices go ‘bananas’ 0 guardian
‘I just let it rip!’: jumbo amateur rock band bangs the drum for Brum 0 guardian
Tory national service policy would leave UK’s poorest areas worse off, IFS warns 0 guardian
General election live: Starmer says 'not true' that Abbott barred from standing for Labour - BBC News 17 bbc
Smoking weed every day makes me less presentable and less productive. I love it 1 guardian
Royal Mail owner agrees to £3.57bn takeover by Czech billionaire 4 guardian
Morgan Spurlock obituary 3 guardian
US may have secretly approved attack on Russian nuclear radar – Austrian military 2 rtcom