News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Ex-UKIP councillor murdered wife after row about affair with son’s partner 0 rtcom
Treasure fever as hunters release photos of sunken Russian cruiser ‘with 200 tons of gold’ 0 rtcom
12 new moons spotted around Jupiter – but one may destroy them all 0 rtcom
Russian library shoots 'action movie,' urging readers return books on time (VIDEO) 0 rtcom
Brazil World Cup player's mother freed after being kidnapped 0 guardian
IEA warns of 'worrying trend' as global investment in renewables falls 0 guardian
All Mother Teresa homes inspected amid baby-selling scandal 0 guardian
Thai cave rescue boys set to address media for first time 0 guardian
Nigel Farage spread ‘fake news’. I know, because I took the real picture 0 guardian
Army tank explosion deaths caused by design flaw 1 bbc
Call for postmortem after asylum seeker's death at car wash 2 guardian
Brexit: Ministers face fresh test in Commons 1 bbc
Mum of autistic boy slams school for 'abusive' voicemail 0 bbc
UKIP councillor Stephen Searle guilty of murdering wife 3 bbc
Lib Dem whip 'messed up' after Cable and Farron miss Brexit vote 1 bbc
MPs don’t need an early holiday. They should be fixing the country’s crisis 1 guardian