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From magic acts to Goldman Sachs and beyond: the US finance whiz helping kickstart UK growth 0 guardian
Quick, tangible change will see off the hard right – these are the things Labour must do now 0 guardian
JD Vance once worried Trump was ‘America’s Hitler’. Now his authoritarian leanings come into view 0 guardian
Tornado reported at Chicago airport as storms blow through midwest 0 guardian
Researchers pinpoint potential Moon base site 0 rtcom
Vaughan Gething resigns as first minister of Wales 4 guardian
Amber Haigh showed cousin bruises on wrists she said were from being tied up by Robert Geeves, court hears 1 guardian
The radical archives movement making art from forgotten histories 1 guardian
Case of man who falsely claimed to be bitcoin inventor referred to CPS 1 guardian
Stephen Timms given oversight of carer’s allowance in role as minister 1 guardian
Ukrainian refugees at risk of homelessness and exploitation in UK, report finds 1 guardian
India summons Ukraine’s envoy over Zelensky remark on Modi-Putin hug – reports 0 rtcom
Kremlin reacts to Ukrainian neo-Nazis executing Russian soldier 0 rtcom
Trump has ‘detailed and well-founded’ plans to end Ukraine war, says Orbán 0 guardian
Germany bans ‘rightwing extremist’ Compact magazine 0 guardian
Jay Slater: body found in Tenerife is that of missing Briton, autopsy confirms 0 guardian