News Article Title Version Source Discovered
They Were Meant to Be the Season’s Big Books. Then the Virus Struck. 20 nytimes
UK sizzles as temperatures expected to reach 36C 1 bbc
‘This Is Not the Hunger Games’: National Testing Strategy Draws Concerns 25 nytimes
Jack Dorsey on Twitter’s Mistakes 1 nytimes
Power Outages Hit Manhattan and Queens as Utilities Face Storm Damage 1 nytimes
Anger rises as British Airways cuts start to bite 4 bbc
Armed man holds people hostage in France’s Le Havre, reports claim he demands ‘free passage to Al Aqsa Mosque for Pal... 5 rtcom
Coronavirus Live Updates: Relief Talks Sputter and Job Gains Slow 3 nytimes
Three Months, Two Continents and Four Stints in Quarantine 23 nytimes
Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Stay-at-Home Order 49 nytimes
Finland, ‘Prepper Nation of the Nordics,’ Isn’t Worried About Masks 17 nytimes
Georgia Student Suspended Over Photo of Crowded Hall 2 nytimes
Keeley Bunker: Wesley Streete jailed for rape and murder 4 bbc
In Tennessee, Bill Hagerty Wins Senate Primary 9 nytimes
Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today 17 nytimes
Complacency, Not Panic, Is the Real Danger 8 nytimes