News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Roman Polanski: Walkout as he wins best director at 'French Oscars' 1 bbc
Coronavirus is spreading through a second California community 5 washpo
Trump Taps John Ratcliffe for Director of National Intelligence 1 nytimes
Containing the Coronavirus: Countries Limit Travel to China 6 nytimes
Trump again nominates Rep. John Ratcliffe to be director of national intelligence 3 washpo
Rate of New Fatalities Drops in China 17 nytimes
Education Dept. to Cut Off Federal Funding for Some Rural Schools 5 nytimes
Nigeria Responds to First Coronavirus Case in Sub-Saharan Africa 7 nytimes
Terry McAuliffe considers endorsing Joe Biden on Sunday 2 washpo
Why are Scottish councils closing their outdoor centres? 0 bbc
Could deepfakes be used to train office workers? 0 bbc
Syria war: Refugees eye Europe as Turkey hits breaking point 0 bbc
Margaret Thatcher: Former PM named outfits after Gorbachev and Reagan 0 bbc
Fish oil supplements offer 'little or no benefit' against cancer 0 bbc
The Case for Bernie Sanders 0 nytimes
The Case for Amy Klobuchar 0 nytimes