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The Final Debate Will Cover Six Main Issues. Here’s Where Trump and Biden Stand. 1 nytimes
‘Big Guy’ Joe Biden was PERSONALLY involved in China venture, Hunter Biden’s business partner says 0 rtcom
Then they came for the LEFT: Facebook deletes account of biologist & Big Tech critic Bret Weinstein without explanation 0 rtcom
How An Aversion to Masks Stems From ‘Toxic Masculinity’ 1 nytimes
Greek court jails Golden Dawn leaders as it rejects calls for delay 2 guardian
Ghislaine Maxwell deposition unsealed after court ruling 3 guardian
Trump says he wants supreme court to 'end' Obamacare as final debate looms – live 30 guardian
Coronavirus Australia live updates: Victoria records one new Covid case as national cabinet eyes Christmas reopening 6 guardian
Nigerians Demand End to Police Squad Known for Brutalizing the Young 3 nytimes
Police review defends cop who used George Floyd-style knee restraint on 14yo AUTISTIC BOY & maced his dog in Topeka, ... 0 rtcom
Late-Season Wildfires Rampage Through Colorado 1 nytimes
US slaps sanctions on Iran’s envoy to Iraq, citing links to Quds Force & militia groups 0 rtcom
The Fed-Up Chef 2 nytimes
Ofqual board minutes reveal tensions with DfE ahead of exam results fiasco 0 guardian
Google, You Can’t Buy Your Way Out of This 3 nytimes
The Case Against Google 0 nytimes