News Article Title Version Source Discovered
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US woman killed by shark while paddleboarding in Bahamas 1 bbc
The Guardian view on cystic fibrosis treatments: a rollercoaster ride for the sick 0 guardian
The Guardian view on the Rwanda deal: Tory asylum policy sinks to a new low 0 guardian
‘Russia will not lose’: Orban outlines the future of Europe 1 rtcom
US imposes visa bans on Israeli settlers responsible for West Bank violence 0 guardian
‘You were told’: Killed Women report shows deaths could have been prevented 0 guardian
US border control bill collapses – NBC 2 rtcom
Israel says fighting in Gaza is most intense since start of ground offensive 4 guardian
Israel faces difficult phase of war with fighting in north and south Gaza 1 guardian
Fears grow for hundreds of Rohingya refugees adrift for two weeks 1 guardian