News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'Democratic' jackdaws use noise to make decisions 1 bbc
Eco campaigner Oly Rush completes 37-hour Caribbean island swim 1 bbc
Government borrowing lower than expected in April 4 bbc
Bedford Jubilee topper disappears hours after unveiling 0 bbc
Dorset Police officers reprimanded for Bournemouth pitch invasion 0 bbc
Downing Street insiders tell Laura Kuenssberg what happened at parties during lockdown 0 bbc
Partygate: Insiders tell of packed No 10 lockdown parties 0 bbc
Energy price cap set to rise to £2,800 in October 1 bbc
Teacher breaks world record with 40-hour freestyle rap 0 bbc
NI Protocol: Unilateral action 'will not work', say US politicians 1 bbc
Kemarni Watson Darby: Mum and partner jailed after boy's killing 1 bbc
Ukraine war: World faces 'dark hour', Biden tells Quad Summit 3 bbc
Heard's team change course on Johnny Depp testimony 3 bbc
Why would the government want to run ScotRail? 0 bbc
Biden’s Tough Words 0 nytimes
Fry up breakfast costs 40p more than last year 3 bbc