News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Clean energy’s dirty secret: the trail of waste left by India’s solar power boom 0 guardian
‘Russia doesn’t care’: Sweden sounds alarm over unsafe oil fleet 0 guardian
Lethal heatwave in Sahel worsened by fossil fuel burning, study finds 0 guardian
Cameron and Truss: former PMs stage their comebacks – Politics Weekly UK 0 guardian
Climate change: Deadly African heatwave 'impossible' without warming 0 bbc
US soldiers were pushed to torture Abu Ghraib prisoners – general 2 rtcom
Community artwork on show at Weston-super-Mare Glow Festival 1 bbc
Somerset roads to be inspected by robotic dog 1 bbc
Putin in China aiming to strengthen anti-West coalition 4 bbc
African news updates from the BBC - BBC News 48 bbc
Dubai airport chaos as UAE and Oman reel from deadly storms 22 bbc
Appeals court largely upholds Trump gag order in election interference case 5 guardian
Croatia braces for horse-trading after tight election 0 bbc
Apple boss Tim Cook makes surprise China visit 1 bbc
Spy scandal revives fears of Austrian exposure to Russia 0 bbc
Ukraine warns of WW3 ahead of long-stalled Congress aid vote 2 bbc