News Article Title Version Source Discovered
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Partygate: Boris Johnson facing questions after photos emerge 6 bbc
Klarna to cut 10% of staff as it warns of recession 5 bbc
Kemarni Watson Darby: Mum and partner jailed after boy's killing 0 bbc
Fry up breakfast costs 40p more than last year 2 bbc
Climate campaigners refuse to leave Cornwall Council grounds 0 bbc
One in five employees expect to change jobs this year 2 bbc
Coronavirus: Argentine President Fernández pays 'fine' over lockdown party 0 bbc
Ukraine war: Russia's jailed Navalny attacks invasion as judge rejects appeal 0 bbc
Afghanistan: UK's withdrawal a disaster, inquiry concludes 3 bbc
Ben Jennings on Partygate and the cost of living crisis – cartoon 0 guardian
Klarna to cut 10% of staff as it warns of recession 4 bbc
Tom Tugendhat on UK handling of Afghanistan evacuation 0 bbc
Why Africa couldn’t get urgent global deal on drought 1 bbc
As Border Crossings Soar, Biden Relies on Shelters to Manage Influx 0 nytimes
Putin Showed His True Hand. The West Kept Shaking It. 0 nytimes