News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Coronavirus Live Updates: Firm Helping Run Federal Database Refuses Senators’ Questions 8 nytimes
Mexican Government Is Hiding Huge Coronavirus Toll, Especially in the Capital 55 nytimes
A Homeless Family Navigates a Life Warped by the Coronavirus 21 nytimes
Hospital Safety Rules Are Relaxed to Fight Coronavirus 16 nytimes
Burundi Turns Out to Replace President of 15 Years, Pandemic or No 25 nytimes
Virus Forces Cambridge to Hold Most Classes Online Next Year 54 nytimes
Americans Stranded Abroad Weigh Options; Spain Announces Easing of Restrictions 49 nytimes
Mexico Is Reopening After Quarantine. Many Worry It’s Too Early. 23 nytimes
He Was a Science Star. Then He Promoted a Questionable Cure for Covid-19. 27 nytimes
When Mental Distress Comes Home 22 nytimes
Second Death From Virus Is Reported in the U.S. 57 nytimes
U.S. Museums Are Reopening: To See Monet, Don a Mask 23 nytimes
As a Federal Coronavirus Expert Frets, the Capital Moves to Reopen 23 nytimes
Threat of Military Action Rattles Brazil as Virus Deaths Surge 24 nytimes
A Few Thousand Protest Stay-at-Home Order at Wisconsin State Capitol 12 nytimes
Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy Deemed ‘Essential Workers’ in New Zealand 22 nytimes