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75 years after ‘Stunde Null,’ collapse in Russian-German relations is driven by Berlin’s renewed desire to dominate E... 2 rtcom
UK coronavirus live: long Covid can affect people even if they have no symptoms at first, Hancock tells MPs 4 guardian
Deposition of Ghislaine Maxwell, Charged in Epstein Case, Is Revealed 0 nytimes
Senate judiciary committee approves Amy Coney Barrett as Democrats boycott – live 12 guardian
Poland Court Ruling Effectively Bans Legal Abortions 1 nytimes
UK chancellor performs U-turn on financial support package, stumping up more money for Covid-hit businesses 0 rtcom
Many white suburban Georgia voters hold firm with Trump. 0 nytimes
European leaders will watch the debate wondering whether they can still rely on the U.S. 0 nytimes
‘Out of control’ Spain in Covid-19 turmoil as health minister calls for ‘drastic measures’ to tackle Europe’s worst n... 0 rtcom
Democrats have a contingency plan if Trump prematurely declares victory, senator says. 0 nytimes
Beijing promises response to ‘political oppression’ after US designates six Chinese media outlets as foreign missions 0 rtcom
Samuel Paty's killer 'was in contact with jihadist in Syria' 0 guardian
Jennifer Lawrence: I voted for John McCain rather than Barack Obama 0 guardian
Be ready for digital Christmas, says Scotland's public health adviser 4 guardian
Saad Hariri returns as Lebanon PM a year after resigning 0 guardian
Despite early transparency pledges, Biden heavily reliant on shadowy donors and meetings to fund campaign 1 rtcom