News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Storm Deirdre batters UK and adds to retail woe 0 guardian
Vulnerable teenagers get a helping hand with basics of financial life 0 guardian
Cory Bernardi attempts positive spin on lost campaign against same-sex marriage 6 guardian
Berlusconi vows not to veto pact between Italy's populist parties 1 guardian
'I punched him so hard he cried': inside the Street Fighter movie 1 guardian
Britain has led a charmed political life. But there is a price to pay for complacency 0 guardian
Hacked satellite systems could launch microwave-like attacks, expert warns 1 guardian
News Corp Australia’s promotion of Lauren Southern is disturbing 2 guardian
Alex Stephany: How crowdfunding can create empathy with homeless people 4 guardian
Amesbury novichok victim 'reveals doctors feared he would die' 9 guardian
Drone strikes on Yemen don’t make my country safer – or yours 3 guardian
Rise in reported racial incidents linked to sensationalised 'African gangs' coverage 1 guardian
Data rules threaten 'last avenue' used in thousands of immigration cases 2 guardian
Hong Kong's Snowden refugees, facing deportation, hope of new life in Canada 2 guardian
Hamilton makes triumphant debut in Washington – but will Trump go to see it? 4 guardian
Theresa May condemns Tony Blair's new Brexit vote call 1 bbc