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Teachers of Special-Needs Students Struggle With Feelings of Helplessness 25 nytimes
Poole amputee soldier makes history on Matterhorn summit 0 bbc
Moving US troops ‘closer to Russia’s border’ is necessary to ensure ‘collective security’, Pentagon claims 0 rtcom
Eat out to help out: 'We've had 15,000 bookings' 2 bbc
Saudi Aramco profits crash 73% as coronavirus sinks oil market 0 rtcom
Coronavirus: Government 'may question mass gatherings advice' 2 bbc
Coronavirus: Tesco Swindon store staff test positive 0 bbc
Woman dies after water bike and boat collision off Anglesey 0 bbc
Saudi Aramco Says Profit Fell 73 Percent as Demand for Oil Shrank 1 nytimes
Coronavirus: Redundancies rise fivefold as pandemic hits jobs 3 bbc
Chad prison deaths: Report disputed claim of mass poisoning 0 bbc
Vijayawada: Fire at Covid facility in India kills at least 10 1 bbc
New York Is Positioned to Reopen Schools Safely, Health Experts Say 7 nytimes
Time for a full clearout. Why we will not forgive the men who did this to Beirut 0 guardian