News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Sri Lanka, Supreme Court, Lizzo: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing 1 nytimes
‘Race we must win’: US spies desperate to beat China on 5G 0 rtcom
Lyra McKee killing: Family remembers 'gentle, innocent soul' 2 bbc
Nicola Sturgeon to update MSPs on indyref2 plans 0 bbc
Virgin Trains calls for airline-style fares and seating for all 0 guardian
Fewer than one in four homeowners saving for future care – survey 0 guardian
Poorer children 'twice as likely to be out of work in later life' 0 guardian
A State Senator Who Said Nurses ‘Play Cards’ While on the Job May Shadow One 1 nytimes
On Census Citizenship Question, Supreme Court’s Conservatives Appear United 4 nytimes
Farage ally said black men are violent due to high testosterone 1 guardian
Egypt Approves New Muscle for el-Sisi, Its Strongman Leader 1 nytimes
Workers Scramble to Protect Fire-Damaged Notre-Dame’s Interior Before Rain Arrives 1 nytimes
Letter of Recommendation: Eavesdropping 0 nytimes
Pico Iyer Reflects on a Quarter-Century of Life in Japan 0 nytimes
Tiny Love Stories: ‘I. Was. So. Over. It.’ 0 nytimes
Juice WRLD, the Young Rapper, Confronts Death at a Brooklyn Cemetery 0 nytimes