News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Switzerland holding referendum on same-sex marriage 2 bbc
Hertfordshire policeman cleared over 'smash your face in' threat 1 bbc
Spotlight on women's safety at Conservative conference 1 bbc
Cyclist jailed after Tower Hamlets hit-and-run death 3 bbc
Covid vaccines have 'prevented 60,000 deaths' 1 bbc
Pope’s Slovakia visit sends signal after brief Hungary stop 2 bbc
Sudan’s Military Seizes Power, Casting Democratic Transition Into Chaos 2 nytimes
Nottingham: Student who reported needle attack speaks to BBC 3 bbc
ICYMI: Chinese kite festival and a whale in Italy 1 bbc
ICYMI: Birds, planes and automobiles 1 bbc
COP26: Document leak reveals nations lobbying to change key climate report 7 bbc
President Xi Jinping marks China's 50th anniversary at UN 3 bbc
Teenager Sarah Buckle woke up in hospital after a suspected spiking incident 1 bbc
Back to school triggers US fury over masks for students 1 bbc
Climate change: Australia pledges to reach net zero emissions by 2050 1 bbc
DP: Netflix's South Korean show exposing the military's dark side 1 bbc