News Article Title Version Source Discovered
David Dungay inquest: shocking video shows prison officers restraining inmate before death 5 guardian
'Nanny state': Bill Shorten pokes fun at Peter Dutton over au pair controversy 1 guardian
Theresa May condemns Tony Blair's new Brexit vote call 6 bbc
Blair claims May’s deal not in national interest amid public Brexit spat 0 guardian
Students blockade schools as French protests spread 3 guardian
Students blockade schools as French protests spread 2 guardian
Police dog attacks dog in Northampton park 0 bbc
Boy, five, becomes third family member to die after Nottinghamshire fire 1 guardian
Putin wants government to "take charge" of rap music 1 bbc
‘Blatant & brazen’: Russian lawmaker lambastes US ‘interference’ in Nord Stream 2 deal 0 rtcom
Washington is ‘working on’ Gulen extradition to Ankara, Turkish FM says 0 rtcom
Australia officially recognizes West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital 1 rtcom
Rising clarinet star's ex-girlfriend must pay $375,000 for trying to sabotage his career 1 guardian
'We can move forward now': UN climate talks take significant step 0 guardian
Former fossil fuels lobbyist to head interior department as Zinke exits 0 guardian
Sturgeon puts more pressure on Labour to table confidence motion 0 bbc