News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Fracking: UK shale reserves may be smaller than previously estimated 1 bbc
Albanian PM condemns 'barbarian' who chased tourists in viral video 1 guardian
There can be only one: Bolton accuses China of ‘bullying’ in South China Sea 0 rtcom
Detention of Muslims at UK ports and airports 'structural Islamophobia' 2 guardian
Julián Castro Qualifies for the Next Democratic Debate 2 nytimes
Ivanka Trump's embrace of nature sparks cries of hypocrisy 0 guardian
Jeffrey Epstein: three more women sue financier's estate 0 guardian
Flaws in Cellphone Evidence Prompt Review of 10,000 Verdicts in Denmark 0 nytimes
Iran’s FM Zarif to hold talks with Macron in France this week 0 rtcom
Deeper underground: Alien-hunting Mars rover set to drill for signs of life (PHOTO) 0 rtcom
Zombie pensioners: ageism never dies 0 guardian
Let’s not keep new music in seclusion 0 guardian
End of free movement after Brexit is a disaster for families 0 guardian
Atom spy Klaus Fuchs was motivated by conscience 0 guardian
We must never forget Peterloo 0 guardian
Ban the detention of pregnant women 0 guardian