News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Madeleine McCann 'assumed dead' by German prosecutors 11 bbc
N.Y. Virus Deaths Double in Three Days to Almost 3,000 21 nytimes
As parts of the region prepare to reopen, top Md. Democrats say it’s too soon 1 washpo
Coronavirus: 'Lessons to be learned' over deaths in care homes 2 bbc
Apple tracks looters who steal iPhones 1 bbc
Hong Kong lawmakers pass controversial China anthem bill 1 bbc
‘FAKE WOKENESS’: Video game firm Bethesda switches profile images to LGBT pride flag… but NOT on Middle East account 1 rtcom
As pandemic and stay-at-home orders spread, so does alcohol consumption 2 washpo
Witness Who Was in Floyd’s Car Says His Friend Did Not Resist Arrest 0 nytimes
Remdesivir Shows Modest Benefits in Coronavirus Trial 7 nytimes
The Bad News Won’t Stop, but Markets Keep Rising 2 nytimes
South Korean coronavirus spike linked to doomsday sect with messianic leader 3 washpo
Gaza life lightens up for Ramadan as lockdown eases with epidemic at bay 4 washpo
Navy Secretary Orders Deeper Inquiry Into Virus-Stricken Ship 3 nytimes
Plácido Domingo Says He Has the Coronavirus 1 nytimes
George Floyd killing: reports of over 10,000 arrested as protests enter 10th day – live 3 guardian