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The economic downturn has seen the level of UK unemployment reach a 10-year high.

With severe warnings predicting further redundancies to come, the BBC News website will be keeping track of jobs lost, and created, in the months ahead.

This cannot be comprehensive but is intended as a snapshot of the picture around the UK from 1 January onwards. The links in the map above go to jobs news for each region.

UK-WIDE <ul class="bulletList"><li>Marks and Spencer to close 25 Simply Food stores and two regular stores, losing 780 jobs, as well as cutting 450 head office posts </li><li>Jaguar Land Rover to cut 300 managers and 150 salaried agency staff </li><li>Adams childrenswear firm closes 111 stores, making 850 staff redundant </li><li>Southeastern trains to make 300 people redundant over the coming year </li><li>Music, games and DVD chain Zavvi closes 26 stores, with the loss of 262 jobs. Fourteen Zavvi stores are bought by retailer HMV, securing 269 jobs </li></ul><ul class="bulletList"><li>Loan firm Cattles to lay off 350 staff at branches across the UK, as well as 650 call centre and support staff in Hull and Nottingham </li></ul><ul class="bulletList"><li>Supermarket chain Tesco plans to create up to 10,000 new jobs with new store openings this year </li></ul><ul class="bulletList"><li>Sainsbury's to create 5,000 new jobs this year, in 50 new convenience stores and a small number of new supermarkets </li><li>Supermarket chain Waitrose to create 4,000 new jobs as part of an expansion drive </li><li>Frozen food chain Iceland to create 2,500 jobs after buying 51 former Woolworths stores </li></ul>

<a name="scotland"></a> SCOTLAND <ul class="bulletList"><li>Almost 100 workers to be out of work with the closure of an Eddie Stobart haulage depot in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="wales"></a> WALES <ul class="bulletList"><li>Fifty-eight jobs to be lost at a JCB factory in Wrexham </li><li>Marshalls paving stone maker in consultation over possible closure of concrete factory in Wrexham, threatening 55 jobs, with another 55 at risk England-wide within the firm's consumer arm </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="ireland"></a> NORTHERN IRELAND <ul class="bulletList"><li>County Antrim engineering firm FG Wilson to lay off 260 workers across three sites </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="northeast"></a> NORTH-EAST & CUMBRIA <ul class="bulletList"><li>Car manufacturer Nissan to cut a quarter of the workforce at its Sunderland plant, losing 1,200 staff </li><li>More than 350 people to be laid off from Newcastle Production, a Findus Food factory in Longbenton, Tyneside </li><li>Newcastle Building Society to lay off 150 staff, predominantly from the head offices in the city </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="northwest"></a> NORTH-WEST <ul class="bulletList"><li>Food firm Tulip in consultation over the closure of a factory in Bromborough, Wirral, with 300 workers facing redundancy </li><li>Gibsons Food factory in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, to close, with the loss of 245 jobs </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="yorks"></a> YORKSHIRE & LINCOLNSHIRE <ul class="bulletList"><li>Loan firm Cattles to cut 400 jobs in Hull, predominantly at two call centres </li></ul><ul class="bulletList"><li>Leeds-based electrical goods retailer Empire Direct lays off 90 store and head office workers in Yorkshire, and 68 more staff at shops across England. A further 192 staff, mostly in Yorkshire, are working with administrators but face redundancy </li></ul><ul class="bulletList"><li>Burberry to close its plant in Rotherham, with the loss of 290 jobs </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="eastmids"></a> EAST MIDLANDS <ul class="bulletList"><li>Loan firm Cattles to lay off 250 support staff based in Nottingham </li><li>Derby-based jet engine maker Rolls Royce to take on 220 apprentices in 2009 and 2010 </li><li>Haulier Eddie Stobart to close depot in Manton Wood, Nottinghamshire, with the loss of about 80 jobs </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="westmids"></a> WEST MIDLANDS <ul class="bulletList"><li>Digger firm JCB to lose more than 600 jobs from various Staffordshire locations, including 400 redundancies at its Rocester headquarters </li><li>China and crystal maker Waterford Wedgwood cuts 367 jobs, mostly from its site in Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent </li><li>Bank of Ireland in consultation on planned closure of mortgage office in Solihull, with 165 staff facing redundancy </li><li>Engineering firm Caterpillar Remanufacturing Services, in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, cuts the jobs of about 60 temporary and contract workers </li><li>Car parts factory Stokes Forgings, in Walsall, to close in April, with the loss of 137 jobs </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="east"></a> EAST <ul class="bulletList"><li>Food firm Tulip in consultation over closure of site in Linton, Cambridgeshire, where 87 workers face redundancy, and factory in Thetford, Norfolk, where a further 78 jobs are under threat </li><li>Sanyo to close television manufacturing plant in Lowestoft, Suffolk, by the end of February, with the loss of 60 jobs </li><li>Caravan maker Fleetwood Caravans, in Long Melford, Suffolk, cuts 50 jobs and enters administration, with 13 more workers fearing redundancy </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="west"></a> WEST <ul class="bulletList"><li>Magazine printer Cooper Clegg, in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, to close, with the loss of 170 jobs </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="london"></a> LONDON <ul class="bulletList"><li>Majority of Marks and Spencer's 450 head office job losses expected in London </li><li>Drinks firm InBev announces 2010 closure of Stag Brewery, in Mortlake, west London, putting 182 jobs at risk </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="southeast"></a> SOUTH-EAST <ul class="bulletList"><li>Up to 240 jobs under threat at Pfizer research and development site in Sandwich, Kent, as part of pharmaceutical firm's global efficiency drive </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="south"></a> SOUTH <ul class="bulletList"><li>Buckinghamshire County Council aims to cut spending by £22m a year by March 2012, which could mean the loss of 400 posts </li><li>Bank of Ireland in consultation on planned closure of mortgage office in Reading, Berkshire, with 270 staff facing redundancy </li></ul><ul class="bulletList"><li>Marshalls paving stone maker in consultation over possible closure of concrete factory in Hambrook, West Sussex, threatening 25 jobs </li></ul>

<a class="bodl" href="#link">Return to link</a> <a name="southwest"></a> SOUTH-WEST <ul class="bulletList"><li>John Nicholls Builders to lay off about 80 people, after administrators were called in to the firm in Goonhavern, Cornwall </li><li>Exeter University to carry out an £18m expansion of its business school in Devon, creating 60 new jobs </li></ul>

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